Langham  Parish  Council       Village Design Statement






Village Design Statement is now available. Click the link. It is also available in high-resolution (31 MB)

The paper copy has been delivered to residents with their September Newsletter. Many thanks to those who laboured with the extra weight on their rounds!


Letter accompanying the VDS




Welcome to your copy of Langham’s Village Design Statement. It is the product of much work by many people over a long period of time, not least by those who have delivered it to your door with the Parish Newsletter. I would like to thank all who have contributed and I hope that you enjoy reading it – after all, it reflects the views of the village, even if you yourself do not agree with every word!


As I am sure you know by now, Langham is the Essex Village of the Year. This is not because we are the prettiest or the most historical, but because we have a great sense of community. That too is the product of the energy and enthusiasm of an even greater number of people over a very long period of time. Our challenge now, as we prepare for English Village of the Year competition in 2009, is to continue to build on what has already been done and to show the next set of judges that we are not resting on our laurels.


How we do that is, of course, down to you, but the Parish Council want to help and we have therefore set up a Village Development Committee. Its purpose is not to decide what can be done, but rather to facilitate what you want to do, whether as individuals or members of an organisation. We don’t see this process ending when the competition is over, but continuing indefinitely to make Langham a better place for all of us to live.


The people who drove the Village Design Statement are also keen to move on to the next stage – the production of a Parish Plan. This is an even more ambitious undertaking than the VDS. The latter is about the physical shape of the village, but the former is about all the other things that go on here. Employment, housing, transport, the environment, recreation and the services provided by local and central government are all possible components. As with the VDS, we want to involve as many people as possible and gather views through questionnaires. However, one significant difference will be the conclusion – an action plan to guide us over the next few years. It’s a big job, but a very worthwhile one.


So on 8 October at 7.30 pm, come to the Community Centre to find out how you can contribute to the Parish Plan. Refreshments will be served. At the same time the VDS Association will be wound up and its assets transferred to the new Parish Plan Association.


With our new structures in place and looking to the future, we shall be in a strong position to win the prize of English Village of the Year.


I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 8 October.


Elizabeth Schofield

Chairman Langham Parish Council


P.S There are two small changes to the VDS:


Page 12 Recommendation 2  should read “New developments (whether housing or commercial/industrial)should make provision for sufficient parking off street or in designated parking bays”


Page 13 Recommendation 2 add “chosen” after “Materials should be”