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        The village sign        







A competition was held to produce the design of a village sign. The winning design was from Mrs B.L.Smerdon and the sign was unveiled on 3rd October 1987 by Mr John Maturin-Baird. 


The crest is divided into four quarters by the trunk and branches of the Langham Oak. The Langham Oak stood at the junction of Park Lane and the Ipswich Road for about 300 years and was a well known landmark. It was removed in 1973 when the A12 was made into a dual carriageway. There have been recent attempts to replant an oak but because the site is too vulnerable to cars, a replacement oak has been planted on the Recreation Ground. The three blue lines at the bottom represent the River Stour which is our northern border. 


The bottom left quarter shows grapes which were grown in the village until 1994 by Langham Fruit Farms at Maltings Farm.


The top left quarter shows the three seaxes, the Essex crest. The seaxe, is supposed to be a saxon sword.


The top right hand quarter shows apples because for many years fruit farms in the village were the source of much local employment.


The bottom right hand quarter shows the Colchester crest of St Helena, the patron saint of Colchester. Helena was the mother of Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to become a Christian. Helena is supposed to have gone to Jerusalem and while there she found the true cross. She knew that is was the true cross because when she put it in the ground it started to grow again. Not content with this she then found the graves of the three wise men. Thus the Colchester crest shows the three crowns of the wise men suspended on the living, and so green, cross, by the three nails of the crucifixion.