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Issues raised in the location of Travellers sites



Travellers sites at Langham 2003

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Map of northern sites

Issues surrounding Travellers' sites (under development)



Looking south from Lodge Lane


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The location of sites, for the use of Travelling people, is a statutory responsibility of the County Council, and raises a number of issues, strong opinions and is generally an extremely emotive issue.


Colchester had an authorised gypsy site in the Hythe but over the years this was vandalised by the inhabitants and closed. County have told the Borough that they must either find another gypsy site or reopen the site at the Hythe. The Hythe area is to be redeveloped into a prestige area and so the Borough are desperate to find an alternative site. The Borough tried to identify a suitable site themselves but every site met with local opposition and was rejected. The Borough then employed independent consultants, CDN, to find a site.



What are the issues surrounding the re-opening the Hythe site?

in favour of re-opening the site

against re-opening the site

  • The site is available and owned by the council

  • The site is only in need of renovation - although considerable work is needed - see photo.

  • See the photos below- which show the site is next to an area of poor visual amenity - a dockside area, containing two active scrap yards.

  • Local retail services, i.e. a major Tesco store, are within walking distance.

  • Good communications via major roads, and easy access to many urban areas.

  • The site is adjacent to an area of urban regeneration, and it is believed the travellers will deter investment in the Hythe scheme.

  • New housing development in close proximity to the site will feel compromised and its inhabitants exposed.

  • The public's perceptions of travellers (see below)

  • Some local services - medical/educational might be strained.


The Hythe area

The roundabout on Hythe Quay looking towards the town centre, showing the new town-housing development.



The entrance to the scrap yard and old traveller's site, leading to the quay.



Tidal mudflats on the river separate the new housing from the industrial zone.




Jewson's timber warehouse next  to the river.




Industrial site on the north bank of the river looking for employment.







Congested entrance to another scrapyard, next to Hythe Quay.



Scrap was being shifted in short order when the photographer visited!




The Colne is not yet an idyllic riverway!



Concrete blocks prevent access to the traveller's site from both the road and the service lane to the scrapyard. The condition of the brick houses reflect the damage done, but appear broadly sound.



From across the river the site layout can be seen well. The boundaries of the site are a main road, a scrapyard, the river and the wall of green seen in this photograph.



Concrete blocks have attracted rubbish and graffiti since they were put there.




Perceptions of Travellers ... to be developed


"Travellers make a mess of the sites they occupy"

The large field off Essex Yeomanry Way (between Tollgate and the A12) has been occupied by several families of travellers for some weeks.


The mess already made is very noticeable.

800-08150005.JPG  155KB

15 August 2003

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"Travellers pose a security risk; they bring crime and fear to an area"











"Travellers in an area will reduce house prices and deter investment by business"