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Langham   2014-2015 Langham Airfield Solar Farm




29 November 2014




David Norval is the site manager for Push Energy during the construction phase of the Solar Farm. He was most amenable to me taking photographs of the progress, and said they would be flying a drone periodically, to photograph their progress themselves ... so an aerial shot is something to look forward to!




Early days ....


The construction base is on the concrete hard standing, just off the line of the old main runway, with offices and facilities in portakabins/containers ... and deliveries, such as these drums of tubing on the hard-standing.


14 December 2014










With Christmas and the New Year intervening I wondered if very much progress could be made at all. It was with some shock that I saw hundreds of metres of trenches dug, and some being filled with cables, despite the cold and very wet weather. It is a tribute to the machines, and the men, who could work in bitter conditions and in waterlogged ground.













Trenches being dug and pipes being laid ... conduits for the electrical cables no doubt.







13 January 2015










More trenches, centre, and the array of finished and shiny uprights and cross pieces, left and right.





The scene from the knoll by the side of the reservoir, with the banging of two machines inserting steel posts into the ground. Each machine is controlled from a remote, and another man stands nearby with a level  .. all in a particularly bitter wind!







received 21 January 2015


The first view of the solar farm from a UAV - a drone- shows the installation of about 90% of the steel supports, that will carry the solar panels. The noise of the machines driving the supports into the ground accounts for the high-speed banging noises from the airfield!  The trenches for the cables have already been dug, so in the next week or so I would expect deliveries of solar panels to commence.




5 February 2015



A couple of weeks pass and an astounding amount of progress has been made.  From the road it looked as if the steel upright supports had been largely installed, left, and still needed completion, right ...








... However,  the presence of these solar panels in giant boxes, indicated more was afoot!







The boxes are taken from the  delivery lorry and stacked by one fork-lift truck, whilst two others distribute them to the rows, at intervals, ready for installation. The installers lift them out and lock them into the steel racks, right.








The organisation is impressive, with some workers placing the panel, whilst another, right, moves down the rows  adding something to the structure -  like a car production line!








Taken on Tuesday 10 February by a drone,  about 40% of the solar panels has been fitted, completing the section next to the reservoirs. The centre section is next ... and then a smaller section on the right. The boxes can be seen laid out in the foreground, ready for installation ... and the lorry is on the track nearby, probably still being unloaded! The line of Park Lane runs along under the very curved horizon!




March 2 2015



The solar farm is close to going online, with all of the panels installed ... these views from the southern boundary.














The view to the north




Just a last trench, for wiring, to be dug in the still-sodden ground ... with the clay hanging on to the bucked like grim death!




The accuracy with which the uprights and panels have been placed is amazing. You can see a pretty smooth curve all the way to the end of the line. This does not happen everywhere!










A view along part of the new Right of Way, that is set to be open by the spring!




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