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2 May 2007  A walk down Monk's Lane, Dedham




The rape field was just coming into flower, but it was still a dappled green for the most part, as was the lane itself!

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Newly-installed wooden guide-rails guide (presumably) horses from getting into difficulties at the edge of the track.

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The walk along the Black Brook towards Boxhouse Lane passes some pleasant stretches of water; the centre shot has a Monk's Farm as a backdrop.

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An inquisiitive herd!

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7 May 2007





Three views of the airfield in evening light; the airfield memorial, which is shortly to receive a makeover, the deep furrows for potatoes and the old airfield track alongside Langham Oak cottage.

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Wenlock Cottage in soft evening light.

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5 June 2007




The airfield with two photos of the memorial plaque, and the burgeoning buildings of 'Appleby's' in the distance. The grass alongside the main runway was allowed to grow - and has now been cut and is drying ...

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Looking towards Wick Road from the footpath gap on Park Lane. On the other side of the road the irrigation arms are hard putting water on potatoes, right.

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A very good year for poppies! The abundant flower in the field bounded by Birchwood Road and the A12.

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9 June 2007





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The airfield still offers huge expanses of sky in every view; here of the track leading to Dove Farm (left), the perimeter track near to the footpath gap that leads to Langham Lodge (centre) and a view from that gap of Severalls industrial estate - Colchester looming on the horizon!

1024-DSC02475.JPG  129KB

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1024-DSC02488.JPG  277KB

The converted farm buildings at Dove Farm are coming along - to be used as offices.

1024-DSC02476.JPG  192KB


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Dove Farm has acquired a pair of giraffes, sculpted in metal . alongside a number of other sculptures, in wood and stone.

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The new crop in the village is onions, now increasing in volume under the barrage of rain that has characterised the summer of late .. no need for much in the way of irrigation, but it is waiting in the wings! These are the fields either side of Hundred Lane.


685-DSC02493.JPG  310KB




1024-DSC02492.JPG  302KB

Old Mill Road, left,  through the trees and, right, the cricket bat Willow in the meadow next to the Black Brook.

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27 July 2007



Floral activity in Chapel Road, left, with hydrangeas at 'Pollyfield', and a hanging basket showing up so well against the back weatherboarding at 'Gate House'. On the right is a shot of the corn from the High Street.





Whitehouse Close enjoys the summer sunshine.





Three shots of the Homestead School - and looking particularly chateau-like!






The village shop in morning sunlight.









The industrial area in School Road; there are hopes the footpath issue here (providing a continuous footway to and from the school) might soon be resolved on the northern side of the road.





Following a site visit by Mr Maplestone, from the County Council, and parish councillors - we have a result! A new drain installed in the always-flooded roadway outside the  Primary School.




This photo is going to be part of a new page of images, in which firms use signs that say what they do - in geographical terms .. in this case infrastructure!






A pair of quiet corners in Langham; the entrance to Perry Lane, complete with its 'No cold calling' sign ad looking through the hedge towards the community centre from Park Lane.




30 July 2007




The junction of Moor Road and Chapel Road, left, and a shot of 'The Old Chapel and 'Squirrels' Nook in Chapel Road.






The Primary School and the War Memorial, soon to be the subject of a renovation - and enhanced with a new plaque listing the names of the fallen.





A pair of photographs from the green at St Margaret's Cross.





The village sign looking good, but it does have a lop-sided appearance in one direction ... which, in turn, makes any photograph of it appear odd!


The entrance to Alefounders.


Park Lane after the rain!





6 August 2007







11 August 2007




















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