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1 March 2007


Fox House, Moor Road and Chapel Road.

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9 March 2007




After the incident in which David Isted was forced off the road in Langham Lane, the council brought in contractors to clear the ditches and erect a bund between the road and the ditch. Needless to say, this does not really address the problems of Langham Lane. What needs to be done, of course, is the ditch needs to be piped, at public expense, to make the road safe. If an HGV ban followed, together with adequate arrangements for vehicles to join the A12 at Colchester, the lane would need no attention - except resurfacing after all the traffic!


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Developments at Dove House have been going on apace, with some structures behind the house itself, and the old farm building being ripped apart and converted into small office spaces.

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11 March 2007




Two developments from Chapel Road; firstly that it has become one of Langham's two 'No-cold-calling' zones, and the trimming of an oak.

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Some views from Park Lane, where a new hedge has been planted between  the bungalow 'Dalmeny' and 'Langham Oak Cottage', shown on the right. On the left is the old airfield track leading alongside the house.

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23 March 2007




Community Speedwatch came to Langham as the newly-trained volunteers  showed their skills off to an Anglia News TV team. The crafty councillors, Messrs. Garnett, Gallup and Ellis look on ... and have the camera turned on them!


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1024-DSC01656.JPG  252KB




Up close and personal for Sylvia Mays first on with 'the gun' .. and Tony Ellis prepares to take over as a Dutch HGV approaches.

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29 March




A 'phone report called me out to a spill of rubble, from the conversion work at Dove House, for the new office units. With half the road covered, in three locations at least, with brick and mortar, the police were soon in attendance. Within the hour the clean-up team from Essex County Council were living up to their name, after an urgent call from Cllr Garnett.

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1 and 2 April 2007




Knowing the oak at 'Tallats' was to come down the following week, I shot this on the Sunday.

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It was a considerable surprise,  early on Monday morning, to see the tree surgeons lopping off parts of the oak's anatomy. At this point I had to leave to go on holiday.

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9 April 2007




Not only reports of a taxi leaving the road at Runkin's Corner, but pictures too! Thanks to Chris Stanfield for the pictures.



This has become a favourite place to park your car, and the ground really needs filling in.

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20 April 2007










A lovely spring day as seen from Ernie Schofield's drive.



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On a more mundane note, sacks of garden refuse awaiting collection in Chapel Road.






The dinghy that once resided outside 'The Wig and Fidget' pub in Boxted was taken and dragged to the Community Centre car park.


A local wag, clearly a councillor, has designated the vessel as an ark when sea-level rises prompt an evacuation!

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1024-DSC02135.JPG  189KB

The Community Shop looking very spry.

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28 April 2007





The concrete block has been successful in denying access to Hundred Lane to vehicles; perhaps it is time to paint it a more sympathetic colour? In Chapel Road the centre the speed limit sign is still in bits, whilst looking over a field gate is still a pastime I indulge in!

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On walking up from Black Brook to the Dedham Road, on Old Mill Road, one is greeted by a show of bluebells and, to the right, cricket-bat willow.

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1024-DSC02143.JPG  380KB






The Dedham Vale with Docura's Farm on the right, and the reservoir building in white - on the right.


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A curiosity, to be found on Whalebone Corner, are  a pair of posts baring the inscription 'roadside Nature reserve, 'Manages for Wildlife'  I would have thought that this might not be the brightest prospect for fostering wildlife in our hedgerows, but we will see! The gates to 'The Old House', centre, well-covered in flower.

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The open, tree-lined drive towards the church is one of the joys of Langham, here being enjoyed by a grazing horse on a fine afternoon. Langham Hall is the building behind the fine animal, in both left and right shots.

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1024-DSC02161.JPG  467KB


larger version 2.7MB

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Another view of the approach to the church, together with some flower close-ups, which do well in dappled light.

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A pair of views of St Mary's Church, and the outlook over the gate at Church Farm.

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Some detail from the church yard; looking towards the Hurlock Schoolroom from the lynch gate, and the inscription inside.

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1024-DSC02181.JPG  146KB


Treescapes near Cosgrove Lodge; the left-hand shot being on the artificial gallop running down to the Stour valley floor, whilst the other two are along the lane joining church and Gun hill.

685-DSC02169.JPG  346KB

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1 May 2007





Although I had missed this myself, Chris Stanfield let me know that a load of tyres had been dumped on the old airfield track on the land of Robin Gooding. The law requires the landowner to be responsible, financially, for removal of the waste. Clearly the law needs reforming; this should be a charge on the community, not the unfortunate victim. In this case the tyres need to be taken to the dump, where there is a charge of between, I believe, 1.50 to  25 for  every tyre! The audacity of this particular fly-tipping incident is also worthy of note, for the time taken to unload this lot, accessing the site from Langham Lane, must have been considerable.

Every week, in Langham, somebody dumps something, and it would be good if they were seen and reported!

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