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2 October 2006



Late afternoon sun catches the autumn scene and shows it off well.


Hedge removal in Park Lane.


After a while, even the seagulls tired of the rich bounty turned up by the plough.

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19 November 2006


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Moor Road/Chapel Road.


Chapel Road through the trees.


The junction of High Street with Chapel Road and Old Mill Road.

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Enlarged and enhanced bungalows are the order of the day in Moor Road.

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23 November 2006





The curse of  reckless HGV's along Langham Lane; David Isted's tractor was forced off the road and into the ditch, opposite Langmoor House Farm, by a HGV coming well over the centre of the road. Rescued by a friend, David was shaken - and annoyed!

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3 December 2006





The scene of the crime revisited - to illustrate the area (opposite Langmoor house) and the immediacy of the ditch next to the road. The centre shot shows the tyre marks, but not the steep gradient straight into the ditch!

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On a damp Sunday morning, three shots from School Road, of the recreation ground, the new ditch looking towards the school, and opposite the new parking restrictions planned ... and a framed view into The Homestead.

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Park Lane minus its hedge, but all trimmed up (left).


Park Lane in elegant autumn setting (right).

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30 December 2006




A trio of views after the rain; the triple junction of Chapel Road/Old Mill Road and High Street; the track to 'Bardles Barn', centre, and the entrance to 'Oak Apple Farm' on greyhound Hill.

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The signpost at Blacksmith's Corner was overthrown the same nigh as two other signposts in Dedham met a similar fate.








On Park Lane; the American war memorial, rows of the old airfield landing light holders - and the new fencing where the hedge was pulled out.








Dangerous by design


The run off from the A12 into Park Lane is a notoriously poor piece of planning, where a short run off is thrown into a sharp bend and, now, has the additional danger of 'shark's teeth' white triangles, of low friction, painted either side of the road! You have to come off the A12 'hot', or risk being rear-ended, before being thrown into a high-braking and sharp-cornering mode. Perhaps it should be the people who design and approve such junctions appearing in court rather than their victims - motorists!







1 January 2007





The village sign on its area of greensward







The Shell garage area suffers from the weight of traffic, on the left parking on the green lining to the road and, right,  the littered and degraded area south of the establishment.







One complaint that emerged from the VDS was the lack of pavement maintenance in the Old Ipswich Road.







10 January 2007





Roadside damage in Moor Road; it appears placing obstructions beside the road renders the householder liable for any damage caused!


Heavy goods on the A12 on a winter's day that has drained all colour from the scene.


The heavy rain has begun to lie in the fields, which will soon ruin the winter planting.





21 January 2007 




More roadside damage, this time from HGV's in Langham Lane. In the centre and on the right are views of the Nissen huts off the track leading to Boxted alongside 'Wisconsin'. I had never seen a brand-new hut like the above before.







1 February 2007





A smelly and noisy job; burning off old road markings outside the Primary School.

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1024-DSC00724.JPG  171KB


A thorn between two roses! Chaplin's Farmhouse, left, and the garden of 'Floral Dene' flank yet more road damage, this time the inside of the bend between Park Lane and Langham Lane.

1024-DSC00739.JPG  375KB

685-DSC00729.JPG  283KB

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More views of the Park Lane/Langham Lane area - and the views cross the airfield towards the silos and new construction at Dove House.

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3 February 2007





The view east along by the Recreation Ground in School Road.

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11 February 2007




At Blacksmith's Corner, an overloaded 'Give Way' sign carries both bus and directional information.


'Bardles Barn' as seen across the fields from High Street.


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13 February 2007



Drainage problems persist in Langham Lane, where the water can often be half way across the road.



Willow Farm on a fine winter's day.

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1024-DSC00921.JPG  320KB






Often favoured as a dumping ground for fly-tippers, the old concrete track entrance in Langham Lane has been cleaned up and bollards installed - not pretty, but effective.


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1024-DSC00926.JPG  337KB




17 February 2007




The A12 entrance to Langham is still taking knocks; here the village signs shows an impact, whilst

1024-DSC01029.JPG  232KB


1024-DSC01028.JPG  291KB







One of two new builds in Park Lane, this property fell victim to arson, on a Sunday afternoon.


On a lighter note, this sign would be even more appropriate outside some properties now being completed in local housing estates.

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1024-DSC01032.JPG  215KB






A pair of views of Wick Road

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24 February 2007




A surprise visit from the hunt on a wet midday.

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28 February 2007


1024-DSC01083.JPG  241KB


School Road





A storm passes beyond Moor Road; the evidence of its passing lies on the new onion crop.


The USAF war memorial in Park Lane has gained a new neighbour in an extensive expanse of  new stabling at 'Applebys'.

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Some scenes from School Road; the studied chaos of a scene at 'Tudor Cottage Farm', the essential English country garden at 'Bakers', and the post and rails of the landscape of 'horseyculture', which so characterises the rural/urban fringe.

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Two scenes in the Recreation Ground; the colourful children's climbing frame and the 'Pod' - for older children to congregate. They do gather there, despite some complaints (in their VDS survey) that the rain comes through the perforated sides!

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1024-DSC01094.JPG  315KB




A delivery to the community shop, a regular part of the week. someone said to me recently, from outside the village, that having the shop must raise house-prices!

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