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23 May 2006


The footpath leading from Langham Lane past the rear of Maltings Farm.


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Three views of the Lodge Park, the smart business park in Lodge Lane.

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Older premises in Lodge Lane ..


... and surviving Nissen Huts!


Langham Lodge

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To deter incursions along the old perimeter track this gravel and rubble barrier has been constructed.

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Mill Road continues to mutate; on the left the housing appears well-established, with greenery softening the development. The road sign of 'Myland' I find irritating, being firmly of the opinion the area is 'Mile End'  - as do old maps. The Street furniture is, at least, innovative in the matter of colour!

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New housing in between Mill Road and the new industrial estate, on the site of the old London ............

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The Flakt Woods building has its bund planted up.

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29 May  Langham Gardens




This has to be the best view in Langham, from the newly-created pond in the gardens of Church Farm, northwards over the Dedham Vale.

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1024-P1040595.JPG  299KB

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On the left is possibly the herb garden area at Church Farm, on the right the drive out to the road, taken from in front of the church.

1024-P1040599.JPG  286KB


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The Fens



All the gardens were well signposted.



'The Fens' looking across its lawn towards the house.

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Only an informal and naturalistic setting could possibly suit the wetland environment of 'The Fens' , which although full of interest never appears overloaded.

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The Old Mill House


1024-P1040605.JPG  442KB



1024-P1040603.JPG  369KB



'Old Mill House' as seen from 'The Fens' and across Old Mill Road, left. The other views are of an informal lawned area surrounded by trees and borders, offering shade and space.

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1024-P1040618.JPG  414KB



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Looking back towards 'Old Mill House' from the hedge with the growing barley, right, as an outlook.


'Old Mill House'  has a garden that relaxes the visitor, and does not assault his senses with over-fussiness.

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A wonderful pond with water lilies and iris surrounding it, in an area of  natural meadow grasses

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Another part of the garden is lawn, with meandering borders of shrubs.

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10 June 2006



David Isted turning the hay on a fine afternoon.


The Community Wood pond.


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1024-P1040806.JPG  380KB


Cherry Tree Cottage

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The Grove


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The rhododendrons clustered around the areas of dappled shade; in places new glade's had been cleared in the woodland.

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At the end of the tour of the wood you emerge past the sawing horse ...


...  and look out over 'Langleas'  ...


...  and 'Wyborne'.

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1024-P1040829.JPG  249KB



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'The Thatched Cottage'


The field to the north of High Street has potatoes.



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1024-P1040836.JPG  243KB


Briarwood and the field opposite putting on a show with its barley and poppies.

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1040-P1040838.JPG  396KB

3 July 2006


The track to what  the family knows as the "Vineyard Walk" ... joining the footpath to the rear of Malting Farm.


1024-P1050005.JPG  244KB






Growing barley from a gap in the lane, looking to the south. In the right-hand pair of photos a cover/feed crop has been grown on the headland - for purposes of raising birds for shooting.

1024-P1050008.JPG  286KB

1024-P1050010.JPG  350KB





1024-P1050003.JPG  305KB

An area of tall grassland left for cover purposes, again for the raising of birds for shooting. I find the word 'conservation' interesting; perhaps it could be put to the vote with the birds about to be shot!

1024-P1050009.JPG  362KB

1024-P1050002.JPG  381KB





1024-P1050006.JPG  387KB

Growing golden barley really was that colour, from Hundred Lane.




A crop of mustard at the junction of Old Mill Road and Chapel Road.

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1024-P1050013.JPG  258KB





'Gridleys' basking in the sunshine, and in the road, opposite, shade is a gift of a hedgerow full of oaks. 'Jeveck' is now pretty much finished and looks suitably imposing (when you consider what was on the site before!).

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1024-P1050014.JPG  287KB



1024-P1050017.JPG  256KB

The 'Gate House'

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29 July 2006



A summer's day on the airfield, with a huge sky and ripening corn.

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Irrigation is in full swing on the airfield, with the monitor watering a crop of potatoes. There is wheat in the centre photo.. Next year we expect  wall-to-wall onions after the land was acquired by Mr Rix.










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1024-P1050437.JPG  238KB

1024-P1050444.JPG  143KB



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1024-P1050440.JPG  223KB





1024-P1050441.JPG  238KB

The Airfield  Memorial is well-kept, with its attendant plants regularly cared for, but could do with some tidying up of the surrounds.


The western end of Park Lane and the 30 mph speed limit - but why all that paint? I don't think the rat-runners are intimidated.

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1024-P1050446.JPG  217KB





10 September Fly In



Clayton Kelly Gross came to the airfield with the pioneer P-51 Mustang unit.



1024-P1050732.JPG  194KB


1024-P1050761.JPG  257KB




1024-P1050719.JPG  170KB

1024-P1050721.JPG  157KB





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1024-P1050760.JPG  147KB




Splendidly decked-out T-34 85 Soviet tank from last years of WW2!

1024-P1050727.JPG  217KB





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1024-P1050753.JPG  299KB

The Abbott self-propelled 105mm gun drew a lot of interest and gave its passengers a lively demonstration of its agility.

1024-P1050757.JPG  202KB


1024-P1050758.JPG  295KB






The crowd relaxes between displays in the late-afternoon sun ...

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