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25 March 2005





The new shelter  next to the shop and Community Centre should prove popular, as is the shop, which looks bust on an early Spring morning.

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The village's recycling centre was closed, as this notice promised, on 31 March.

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2 April 2006



Daffodils at the corner of Park Lane and Moor Road.


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A turn about the airfield   17 April 2006



A storage area next to the silos on the airfield, and Dove House from across its lawn and the grass invading the old airfield perimeter track.

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A last row of fruit trees stands next to the perimeter track, although soft fruit has been grown in six rows next to the old runway. A very big East Anglian sky is what you get in the middle of an airfield!


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Coming back along Langham Lane towards Moor Road. The concrete block is, I presume, a leftover from the war.

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