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12 November 2005





The footpath to Boxted from Old Mill Road, opposite Hill Farm.


The junction of Old Mill Road and the Dedham Road.


Docura's Farm, its Dedham Vale setting.

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Some field vegetables being harvested on the fertile valley floor.


The road past Docura's Farm


The waterworks, conspicuous in white!

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A screen of  saplings has been planted around the reservoir, as well as a few rows of maize, presumably for game

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More photos of the waterworks and its operations, and a quiet bend in the road nearby.

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Recent plantings will provide a screen from the waterworks, although a viewing point has been created nearby.

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High Lift Villas, a row of suburban semi's, line a suburban street deep in the Dedham Vale. The scale of the waterworks  is clear from the right-hand shot.

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The pocket of woodland behind Sky Hall Hill Cottages (just inside Boxted) provides the footpath route past new plantings, centre, and links up with footpaths leading to Langham.

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The footpath connection to Langham, left, and views back over the reservoir (centre) and Docura's Farm, right.

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A river defence work, made up of a shingle-filled wooden trough - in the garden of Island Cottage at Boxted Mill.




A backchannel near the road to the waterworks.

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On a glorious morning the road past Docura's Farm held a very special prospect to the north.

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Across the Dedham Vale, picking out Higham Church.


Low Lift Cottages, near the site of the old Langham Mill.


Docura's Farm - the business end!

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A landscape view towards the Suffolk side of the vale ...


The Lodge and, in the distance, Docura's Farm.


... and a detail from the wider view.

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A view up the hill towards the cluster of building around Little Hall.


Across the vale, down the lane that leads to Broomhall.


A sign next to a footpath stile, urging responsible walking.

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The lane to Broomhall again.


Every aspect of the landscape is included!


The artificial gallops leading up the hill past The Coombs.

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Langham church just popping its tower above the fields, with a classic mackerel sky as background!


The pattern of field and track below the church.


The lovely view over the Dedham Vale from below the church

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With Church Farm to the left, St. Mary's Church, Langham in atmospheric lighting.



Right, a more conventional angle on the church.


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Towards Cosgrove Lodge from the track running from the church ...


... which leads through charming woods to


.... look out on Gun Hill from past East Lodge.

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Wick Road looking southwards.


The footpath from the junction of Gun Hill and Dedham Road


Wick Road again .. in morning light.

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