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15 November 2005   



The new pavement and ditch in School Road.


Across the grounds of Homestead School from the lane that leads off School Road past the Primary School.

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The entrance to Keepers Cottage is flanked by a pair of views towards the Homestead School.

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Bracken and waste ground at the lower elevations of 'The Grove', before the gate to the woodland footpath.

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Perhaps the most charming stretch of footpath in the village is this woodland stretch from 'The Grove' towards the Black Brook.

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The wooded footpath emerges into a landscape no less charming, with the parkland and lakes below Nightingale Farm.

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The Hornestreetfield community wood .


Looking back to the entrance over the pond.


Chickens at Horne Street!

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'Lyme Lodge' and Blacksmith's Corner - sign central is on the left.


A peak over the wall into the garden at 'Wyborn' on Greyhound Hill.


Sign clutter on an overloaded pole opposite the 'Shepherd and Dog'.

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The 'Shepherd and Dog' decked out with hanging baskets and making a memorable splash of colour.

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The exit view from the village along High Street- towards Whitehouse Close.


The paddock opposite 'Serenity' is rough grazing.


High Street towards the 'Shepherd and Dog'

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Whitehouse Close from High Street and its view out over open fields towards the north

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Winter planting are already pushing up in October.


More of the open land bounding the northern part of the village, a landscape of arable and mature hedgerows, liberally sprinkled with sizeable oak trees.


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Hundred Lane with its solitude now enforced by concrete blocks, provides broken shade and  a number of opportunities for wildlife and conservation.

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Hundred Lane blends in the woodland that marks the headwaters of the Black Brook, and this is undoubtedly an important wildlife corridor.

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Wenlock Cottage flanks this village entrant , and 'Gridleys' marks the reverse view. Rainbow Lodge hides behind its oaks.

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The Old Chapel in Chapel Road.


800-P1030235.JPG  179KB







The Moor Road/Park Lane/Langham Lane junction is one now busy with 'ratrunners' from Highwoods and Severalls, and is marked by some of the less attractive steel structures in a rural setting.

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Moor Road is a mixture of open and closed frontages, infill housing and new or recent extensions.



Two questions might be asked from these photographs; 'Do we want the wirescape removed?' and more controversially 'Do we want pavements?'

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The recycling centre in the grounds of the Homestead School is a valuable village resource.


The growing trees near the entrance to the Community Centre is also shading and softening the outline of the new village shop.


The play area, field and Community Centre.

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Simon getting on with the paperwork while his idle partner takes photographs!


Advertisement for the meeting pinned to Tony's garage.


The volunteers sort their photos upon return to the Community Centre.

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Rona and Roger Hammond getting ready for the photo walk.






The boss collects the films for processing and the photographers move on to film number two!

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