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Langham    Winter 2005-2006


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24 September 2005



The fair comes to town - on Cymbeline Meadows and several balmy September evenings. The fireworks were especially impressive!

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2 October 2005




The village sign on the triangle of green between Wick Road and Park Lane.


The signage next to the village sign on the Park Lane/Wick Road green is useful and flexible.


A shaded exit from the village envelope on Park Lane.

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The problem of dumping rubbish, burning out cars and general mayhem in Hundred Lane.


Another shot of  equine land-use - in School Road.


Wick Road with the cars and wirescape criticised in a previous village survey.



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9 October 2005




The dog bin appears to have been used for other purposes, but even if not the whole idea is somewhat graceless on this pleasant green area.


The footpath sign off Park Lane, across to the A12, and not particularly noticeable.


 'Alefounders' in Park Lane is a delight in shade.

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Moor Road.


Peeking into 'Corner House' in Moor Road.


Footpath and track entrance off Park Lane.

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Looking down Park Lane towards 'Mantons'


Across the fields towards the old pack house.


A fuller shot of Park Lane and 'Mantons'

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Looking in towards 'Langham Oak Cottage'.


The archway view marks leaving the village in Park Lane.


The produce stall (including grapes!) in Park Lane






Graffiti on the waste bin at the village sign green.


The A12 exit view - from idyll to Grand Prix!


The reverse of the exit view - where even the houses are hidden by summer foliage1

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Three views of Wick Road; the leafy thatched view, the new builds with garages to the fore, and the beautifully tended garden.

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Three views near the junction with Birchfield Road. This is a very busy junction (by Langham standards) and the narrowing of the road in Wick Road, seen on the right, is one of two cases of  a designed-in hazards - the other being the road narrowing outside Spencer's Piece.

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Wick Road again, with a variety of street furniture and roadside environments.






Attractive gardens and a pavement separated from the road by greensward.


The ditch in School Road is crossed by railway sleepers; its usually dry nature has led to its colonisation by a variety of flowering plants.


St Margaret's Cross, with old and new signs.

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A bit of a graveyard behind Langford Hall on Grove Hill.


The extended and refurbished bungalow opposite the Primary School


'Scarf in a Skip' outside Whitnall's in School Road.

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A hive of activity at the stables off School Road.


The entrance to the Community Wood from the footpath from School Road.


The rear of the houses at Spencer's Piece, from the footpath to the Community Wood.

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The Hornestreet entrance to the Community Wood, and, centre and right, the evolving pond at the conservation site.

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More views of the pond area and a general view of the wood to the north. As the trees are so young the whole feel of the field is still very open and light.

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Blacksmith's Corner, with the Shepherd and Dog Inn, Moor Road and Lyme Cottage.

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Up and down Moor Road, still rather bleak where there are no mature trees. On the right is more recent infill to the village envelope,

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30 October 2005




Autumn fruits




Mushrooms at 'Tallats'


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Ripened grapes at 'The Granary'

Massive apples

My very own mushroom!

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The 'Shepherd and Dog'


The junction of Park Lane and Moor Road.


Horse stabling and grazing off School Road.

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Looking up and down Old Mill Road, with Old Mill House in the centre.

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As Old Mill Road crosses Black Brook there are cricket-bat willows planted both sides of the road.

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Just down from 'The Fens' off Old Mill Road

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5 November 2005





Towards the new dualled road, with Mersey Homes on the left.


At Runkins Corner  horses are kept for recreation and a show-jumping circuit has been set up. A map plot of 'horseyculture' in the area might be instructive.


The new roundabout nears completion after an interminable gestation period.

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This is part of Langham! A sliver of land that has been separated off from the rest of the parish by the A12.

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19 November 2005




'Cherry Tree Cottage' and 'Floral Dene' at the Moor Road end of Park Lane.

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A frosty morning's view over the airfield.


Old runway lights at the airfield entrance.


Several rows of fruit line the airfield hedge.

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Piled up packing cases from the days of the orchards.


Packing cases looking towards Severalls Lane.


The curse of the burned-out cars lives on.

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The view of the paddock from the entrance to the airfield in Park Lane.


The paddock next to 'Appleby' in Park Lane


A new landscape of horse fencing on the airfield.

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The massive construction of the Flakt Woods factory on the skyline - as seen from the airfield.




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