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19 March 2005




A spring scene of white blossom shot from High Street, Langham.


The daffodils grace the green at Park Lane/Moor Road.


Outside Carter's Vineyard at Boxted, a tractor is busy drilling.

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The A134 at Great Horkesley ...


.. looking towards the church and the proposed site for a large Constable centre.


Dedham, coming in from Lamb Corner.

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16 April 2005




The turn-off into Langham from the A12 south has been resurfaced .. but right on the critical bend ....


Newly-emerging oak leaves at home in the garden.


... we have been treated to white dragon's teeth, with low adhesion and adding to the danger of this poorly-designed junction!

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29 April 2005





The embryo Flakt Woods building, from the footpath to its western side.


A zoom-in reveals the great bulk of the steel skeleton.


On the same walk, the new estates of Colchester can be seen from across the Rugby ground.

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15 May 2005





The oak outside 'Tallats', in Moor Road, in Spring foliage


Looking over the fields from Greyhound Hill to Spencer's Piece and the Homestead School.


A new hedge in the making at Lyme Cottage, Blacksmith's Corner.

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A new solar energy installation at Wenlock Cottage in Chapel Road.


The company has local headquarters:

Smart Energy UK Ltd.
Technology House  Haven Road
Colchester  CO2 8HT
Tel: 01206 516677
Fax: 01206 516678


The units are Swiss and very highly efficient ... with a payback time reputedly as low as 8 years!

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The new hall for the primary school is now coming along, after a seemingly interminably-long period of footings and foundations. The steelwork went in and now the bricking in is well under way.

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The site from the bridge over the A12; the footpath along the side of the site is accessed by the end of the bridge ... but is an uncomfortable walk!


The new entrance to the industrial estate from the corner of Severalls Lane and Mill Road.


The steelwork advanced towards the entrance over a couple of weeks.

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2005 Fly-in


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PT13D Stearman Owned and operated by Maurice Hammond, based at Airfield Farm Hardwick Norfolk.


A general look down the public area.


A beautifully-presented black Tiger Moth - 'The Sorcerer'.






A Vickers .303 machine-gun, in a typical defensive position.


A T-6 Texan, or Harvard in British service, parked up in front of the apple boxes!


The U.S. DUKW amphibious vehicle leads this group in the parade.

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A pair of microlights wait for their owners to take them home. When they did there was much helmeting-up and donning protective clothing.


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24 September 2005




Dedham High Street looking very busy .. and some details, such as look through the churchyard, centre, and the sign over 'The Sun' pub, right.

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