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Langham Winter 2005


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1 February 2005


This Northern Development Area of Colchester lies between the newest housing estates and the A12 which loops round  the town to the north.  Planners are using the road as a boundary to development of the town, and intend to keep the land north of it as green belt.


Work at Flakt Woods has started.


Leading to an unsightly proliferation of signs!


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23 February 2005





Moor Road/Chapel Road


Chaplin's Farmhouse from Moor Road.


Park Lane/Moor Road

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Bumblebee Cottage from Moor Road.


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The Fens from High Street.


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The Recreation Ground from the shop.


The new shop in the snow!


School Road, outside the Community Hall.

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Moor Road.


The Shepherd and Dog


A Vulture in the snow!

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Whitehouse Close, off High Street.


High Street and Chapel Road.


Hundred Lane.

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26 February 2005





Low water at Mistley Quay.


The swans gather for their morning feed at Mistley Quay.


Mistley Quay looking over to Brantham Church.

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27 February 2005





Three scenes from the airfield, and its car boot sale in the snow! 

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Coming home from a hospital appointment, this was the scene that greeted me on joining the A14 at Nacton. It appears lorries found the gradient on to the Orwell Bridge too much for a time.


4 March 2005

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