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Langham Summer 2004



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A fine new gate, with concrete base, allows visitors access to the northern footpath along the Stour (left) and a little further on, the Essex sign.

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The village sign, with Dedham Mill behind.


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A small supermarket, with its trolleys outside ... how did they get away with that in Dedham?


This busy street scene reflects local use of the centre, not tourism.


The Sun Hotel completes this row's services theme.






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In the late afternoon haze the village street assumes a sleepy disposition.


Dedham post office is a vital village organ, including its lottery terminal!


The High Street broadens opposite the church.

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Local services in action - posting a letter!


The broadest part of the High Street - remarkably uncrowded.


More local services - the bus. Routes and regularity are crucial rural issues.

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A view through the churchyard fronting the High Street.


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The churchyard and church from the recreation ground.


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The High Street, from its junction with Brook Street.


The footpath signpost for Flatford.


Dedham Hall, pond and ducks!

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The idyllic corner of the High Street, with Muniment House in the background.


Looking back towards the High Street.


The Black Brook approaches Dedham village centre. Taken from Southfields.

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Wick Road - the new builds.


Park Lane - straw protects the strawberry crops.


Langham Oak Cottage, resplendent in willow and daffodils.



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Symptomatic of an underlying level of vandalism, is the village sign on Birchwood Road.


30 July 2004





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Potatoes being irrigated next to Hundred Lane, Boxted.





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23 July 2004






Bramble Cottage, from over the gate of Bumblebee Cottage.


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30 July 2004






29 July 2004




The woodland in Chapel Road. 


The footpath to Boxted from Chapel Road/Hill Farm.

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The new village shop in Langham.


Millennium Garden in the playing field.


The Granary in Moor Road and its vines.

30 July 2004

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The ripened grapes at the Old Granary.

30 July 2004


The footpath reaches Greyhound Hill.


At Moor Road/Park Lane.

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Developments at Mersey Homes (Severalls Lane/Mill Road) continue apace.

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