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11 October 2003


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The Recreation Ground as seen from the public footpath, left, and a view of the new tennis courts, right.


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28 October 2003





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31 October 2003



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Workers putting in the latest length of footpath outside the community centre - a godsend and long overdue in this narrow and busy road, with heavy pedestrian traffic as well, particularly of schoolchildren.


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9 November 2003




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15 November 2003





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17 November 2003





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17 January 2004




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29 January 2004




The snow didn't last more than a few hours, so it was a quick trot around the triangle, starting with Fox House, left, and then Chapel Road, centre, and Yew Tree Cottage, right.

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'Squirrel's Nook', left and , centre, 'Derryl Thatch' in chapel Road .. and the snowy Chapel road junction - with 'Bardles Barn' behind.

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On the left is the junction of high Street with Old Mill Road and Chapel Road; on the right is high Street outside Langham Cottage.

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