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Langham Spring and summer 2002


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7 April 2002



Wenlock Cottage in Chapel Road on a fine Sunday morning.


The field of poppies which have appeared for the past few years between Birchwood Road and the overpass.


One of the new bollards guarding Hundred Lane. Two more are in place in Chapel Road, Langham. The roadway has been much abused by fly-tipping, car-burning and nocturnal racing.






Langham Primary School Summer Fayre



Majorettes opened the proceedings, as stallholders looked up.



Advertising was well to the fore - outside the school on the new railings! Each letter was created on A3 paper and then heat-sealed!


From the plant stall to the bouncy castle.


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Jeff Adams, head teacher, welcomes the pony ride. On the other hand this could form the basis of a caption competition!


Stalls laid out on the field with the school buildings behind.


Sound man Graham Alston - well-prepared for sun this year!

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The newly-cleared building site for Mersea Homes, on the corner of Severalls Lane and Mill Road. Several people have commented upon the speed and rapaciousness of the clearing of this site. Indeed, the removal of hedgerows was done in the face  of breeding birds at nesting time, a practice that would put the farmer, as the one below, on the wrong side of the law!


 23 June 2002

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A fine sky to begin grass-cutting. With a good 5-day forecast the farmer takes the view, after a wet June, that the time is right. The headland on the right is left over-wide for a wildlife corridor.


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23 June 2002


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Round bales, the new format for collecting straw, with Langham Hall in the background.


26 July 2002


By the last week of June, the corn at Runkin's Corner was growing well, but still very green.


26 June 2002


Square bales, neatly stacked, seem to be making a comeback .. from the Dedham Road approaching Old Mill Road.


26 July 2002

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The new order takes over, as the combine approaches in what was the  orchard......


22 August 2002


A rare treat in Langham.


29 July 2002


.... and leaves again in a flurry of dust!


22 August 2002

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A pair or fire engines alerted locals to a burning courier van in Hundred Lane. A photographer from the EADT arrived an hour later ... the police never came at all!


30 August 2002


The van had been fired after being stolen in Clacton. The removal of the bollards again allows the lane to be the target of this sort of abuse.


30 August 2002


The parcels in the van had been taken and then the vehicle doused with petrol. A couple were seen to be leaving the lane in a car shortly after the fire started.


30 August 2002

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An aerobatic pair grace the fly-in at Park Lane.


1September 2002


Plenty of people stopped for a minute or two, or even a hour or so!


1September 2002


Most of the aircraft were contemporary, with a smattering of pre-war types.


1September 2002

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1September 2002



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