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Langham  Winter 2001-2002



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A fine morning after a hard frost lights up Chapel Road in Langham.


800-01020002.jpg  171kb  2 January 2002


La Talbooth, with the River Stour pretty much full to the banks.


800-02140002.jpg  146kb  14 February 2002



Bonfire night at Langham.


358-11030027.jpg   41kb  3November 2001



The High Street looking as quiet as it gets! The roadworks has eliminated all traffic, if not the parking.


800-02140003.jpg  159kb


14 February 2002


On a very crisp morning the great height of the church tower emerges from behind the High Street.


600-02140009.jpg  79kb


14 February 2002


The blanked-off High Street  still allowed parking in most of the usual areas.


800-02140004.jpg  113kb


14 February 2002

The digging up of Dedham High Street meant it was closed for several weeks. Here the work has cleared the main shopping area.


800-02140006.jpg  148kb  14 February 2002



The church, without foliage cover of the lane to impede the view.


Overlooking Dedham Vale and Stratford from the lane beyond the church.


Horses coming to investigate - with

Stratford behind.

800-02140010.jpg  135kb  14 February 2002


600-02140014.jpg  192kb  14 February 2002

800-02140012.jpg   97kb   14 February 2002

Gridleys in Chapel Road, resplendent in Spring sunshine and daffodils!


800-04060001.jpg  140Kb 


6 April 2002

An early-season photograph of Six Acres.


600-04060003.jpg  241Kb


6 April 2002

Moor Road in the Spring.


800-04060004.jpg  196Kb


6 April 2002

At the end of Dedham Road, the potato furrows catch the morning light.


600-04060006.jpg  172Kb


6 April 2002

Dedham from Shoebridges Hill, looking down on the High Street.


800-04060009.jpg  220Kb


6 April 2002

Work on the bridge carrying Coles Oak Lane  over the A12 completed, the road now boasts new steel barriers and tarmac surface.


600-04060007.jpg  136Kb


6 April 2002



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