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The first photo with the digital camera! Moor Road's junction with Chapel Road.


Looking back over Chapel Road from near its junction with High Street on  a lovely evening.


The Foot and Mouth signs, one of several variations after the temporary signs.










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The Millennium Garden - went in over a weekend and before many of us cottoned on! Absolutely outstanding piece of work.


Continuous flow over the road, in a ford, has left a good deal of damage to the roadway.


The months of submergence have killed off the nettles at the stream, leaving a landscape of dank swamp.








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From the loss of orchards has sprung a new crop, strawberries - under polythene.


The ripping out of the orchards behind Moor Road - in progress!


Irrigation was much in evidence on the evening of these two photos.

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The curse of burned-out and abandoned cars seems to have been visited upon us more often; in early July Dedham had three examples at one time. This is in Old Mill Road.



Foot and Mouth signs have changed over, from temporary paper to the red design (in May's Photo Diary) to the less prescriptive orange, red and blue. This sign is again in Park Road .. where one post has both a red and a blue version together!



Although going under the banner of 'traffic calming' the dragon's teeth on the roads approaching the village qualify for visual pollution of the first rank. The large areas of white are lethal in the wet when braked upon, so cyclists especially beware. I wish I had shares in the firm that makes the red stuff!







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The 23rd June was a fine day for the Primary School Fete and it really did get hot at times! 



The voice and music of the Fete!


At times trade could be quite bustling! I understand about 1500 was made for school funds.









Some more views of the Primary School's Fete









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A traffic count using twin video cameras on 2 July. The tail-back to the roadworks on the Dedham bridges is evident. I do hope these results are not judged typical of A12 road usage, with many commuters probably making alternative journey arrangements. 


The follow-up to this picture came three weeks later, in the form of a letter from LOIS, the London to Ipswich Multi Modal Study. The letter said that I had been captured on video, and clever software had automatically read my number plate. This number was sent to the DVLCC, who had supplied my address as the keeper of the vehicle. The combination of vehicle number and address never left the DVLCC. The form asked my the nature and time of my journeys on the A12 that day, and the full postal address of my starting and finishing point! 


This information is being gathered to see if we need a M12!







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More grubbing out of the orchards,; this time in the corner of Wick Road and Park Lane.


The strawberry crop, opposite Williamsons on Park Lane,  ready to pick in mid-July


The airfield memorial, nicely decked out, at a quiet time on a hot summer's day. 







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Silos and apple boxes rest in the heat, across the cleared field by the airfield memorial.




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Thatching-  at the aptly named "The Thatched Cottage" in High Street.

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These two views of corn stooks come from Boxted, off Green Lane and near to Carter's vineyard. see Streetmap


This long straw is a specialised crop, grown for thatching and straw weavers. Old-fashioned tall grain is grown in low nitrogen conditions, and threshed by old style methods so the long stems are unbroken if possible.

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The Stour from Dedham  - the road bridge by the Millpond. Looking across the meadows to East Bergholt with the rowing boats tied up for the night on a perfect summer's evening!


A fine clean ditch for the fields lining the road to Boxted.

Ditching in progress!

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A potato-harvester laid up for the night on the Dedham Road, by the drive to Langham Church. It looks like this field will be lifter on the 'morrow.


The new houses in Wick Road, in varying stages of completion. The immediate area has changed somewhat from when construction started; the removal of the orchard is almost complete and the sheep are still under strict quarantine


The potato harvester set against the landscape of this lighter land towards the Stour skyline.

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The view back towards the village from Nightingale Hill, an oasis of shade on a hot bicycle ride!

Harvest soon!

From Rectory Lane looking towards the A12

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The beach and boats at Ardleigh Reservoir.







Lovely light at Ardleigh, with a storm cell moving up!


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Ardleigh Reservoir with a storm passing over Dedham Vale.


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A coach takes visitors over the airfield in comfort, and keeping them dry! A Piper  has just landed, whilst the pilot (and son) of a vintage Auster makes his way to the main ground.

The Lancaster was a welcome replacement for the Dakota, both from the Battle of Britain Historic Flight, here flying over the 'Shepherd and Dog'. The weather was being especially grim at this time, so the sight was better appreciated by the naked eye!

A fine collection of military vehicles, and veteran civilian ones, as in this case, drew their usual admirers.








Mr A Gilray of ACG Special Models was showing a fine glass case of made-to-order precision scale models.

112 Stourview Avenue
CO11 1UF   01206 390364  07765 925624


Some of the flying was very local indeed, courtesy of Colchester Model Aircraft Club, who put out this impressive line-up on the grass.


Their details, for those who might think of taking up the finest of all hobbies, are above.


A line-up of the Boxted aces, which made the 56 Fighter Group the top-scoring outfit in the war, on the Allied side.


The Boxted Airfield Historic Group now have this splendid model of the airfield to show the wartime layout of Langham.

Beyond is the table of St Edmundsbury Scale Modellers, where you could see not only fine models on show, but also being built. they meet at Horringer Community Centre the 2nd Wednesday of the month-

tel: Martin Bacon 01284 768412
      Rod Jones 81284 766104

A superb model of a P-47 Thunderbolt, wearing the distinctive scarlet cowl of the 56th Group.






One or two fine collections of WW2 artifacts were on show; here from the East Essex Aviation Society and Museum - based in the Martello Tower at Point Clear.


A remarkable visiting display from Sweden concerned a Mustang forced to land there on a raid. the remains have been excavated, and the results of these efforts put on a very professional stand.






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