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27 December 2019


Application no. 191830 – Land South of School Road, Langham


Colchester  Borough Council planning authority has advised the Parish Council that it continues to accept public comments on the above application during January 2020. Comments may be made online or by post to Planning Services at the Borough Council.



13 December 2019


Langham Parish Council have submitted their response to the revised plans of Linden  Homes.




Read it here




27 November 2019


Application number 191830 Linden Homes - land south of School Road, Langham


A new site plan has been submitted by Linden Homes to application 191830, land to the south of School Road. This new plan involves 46 units, four fewer than before, and a re-designed layout.


In addition to the new site plan, there are many new documents going online (there are 146 in total!) and some are well-worth further comment.


The application index is at



The New Plan - 46 units





The Old Plan - 50 units





The original response from the Parish Council is here


Response of Langham Parish Council to application 191830, land south of School Road.










Response of Langham Parish Council to application 191830, land south of School Road.






There will be a public meeting, ahead of the regular Parish Council Meeting, at 6.00pm on Wednesday 4 September, to discuss the Linden Homes proposals for land south of School Road.




An extension to planning application 191830, for the development on land south of School Road, has been obtained from CBC.


The deadline for receiving all comments is now 13 September 2019.



New documents concerning this application have been uploaded every day, so even if you have already commented, you may well wish to do so again in the light of the new reports and also comments from other villagers.






You may wish to compare the new site layout with the original concept, which is seen below.


The findings of the Parish Housing Questionnaire in 2016 - click for pdf document






Linden Homes pre-application exhibition on Tuesday, 20 November 2018.


Below are the proposals from last year - they have changed significantly!





Held in the Community Centre, and which drew a considerable number of residents to view the developer's plans:


Their responses can be seen on the CBC website at;jsessionid=153C85BA99FF2E16959130D90D8FDAFB?action=show&appType=Planning&appNumber=182741 


where the 48 comments of objection (29 Nov) can be found!



Linden Homes also have put on the web a pamphlet outlining their plans at: 


In addition, despite not even having applied for planning permission as yet, Linden Homes are actively promoting interest in the sale of properties at St Margaret's Cross at:


The response of the Parish Council will draw upon the views of residents, already expressed with some force, and the evidence base of the Housing survey conducted with all local residents in 2016.



The findings of the Parish Housing Questionnaire click for pdf document



Powerpoint - Answers to Questions


The map above can be compared with the previous, more modest proposals, that accompanied The Local Plan ... just scroll down!



Local Plan




June 8 letter from the Planning Inspector regarding Part 1 of the Emerging Local Plan (Garden Communities) 



index page for New Local Plan


New Local Plan 


Langham Development Map





New Local Plan Evidence Base (documents published post-2010)  


This page has links to all the studies carried out to inform the new Local Plan.   Settlement Boundary Review


Site Assessments  June 2016 rates the sites offered (with glaring errors!)


Go and ask about the Local Plan at the following locations  .... Langham is Thursday 6th July 4.00-6.00 pm at the Community Centre.











This New Local Plan document was discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting, and some points from it are in the Power Point below.



Power Point Presentation from the Annual Meeting




The Parish Council is organising a public meeting on:


Saturday 10 December, 11.00 am to 1.00 pm, at Langham Community Centre


to discuss progress on the Colchester Local Plan and outcomes of the Preferred Options consultation, at which Cllr. Nigel Chapman, Ward Councillor for Rural North, member of the CBC Local Plan Committee and Chair, Dedham Vale (AONB) and Stour Valley Advisory Committee, will be making a presentation. All are encouraged to attend.









Langham Parish Council's response to the Preferred Options of the Local Plan  This contains the results of the housing survey and its statistics.


Langham Parish Council's statement in 'Have Your Say' at the Moot Hall, Monday 7th November


This document, now submitted to Colchester Borough Council, draws together not only the considered view of the parish, as expressed in the housing Questionnaire early this year, but the story of the Parish council's involvement in the whole process.



To see the published comments on the Preferred Options


Click on the magnifying glass to see comments about Langham





This link is to where the documents can be found


It is called Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation and is a pdf. file. It is 411kb


It is a 232 page document. Whilst the whole draft is relevant you will find the piece on Langham begins at bottom of page 144.





If you wish to respond to this consultation by post or if you have any questions about this consultation please contact Planning Policy on or 01206 282473/6 or 508639.

By email to


By post to:    Planning Policy, Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester, CO3 3WG


All consultation responses must be received no later than 5pm on Friday 16th





Press response from Tony Ellis, representing Langham PC


We are of course pleased that the scheme by Edward Gittens and Associates for a “Langham Garden Village” was not accepted and we are currently looking in detail at the other specific Borough Council proposals for Langham. The Preferred Options are now subject to a consultation period when the Parish Council and others can make their views known. The findings from a Parish Council survey of Langham households last November, with a response rate of 43%, led the Parish Council to recommend that 85 housing units be built over the plan period. Copies of the findings were made freely available to the Borough Council.


We consider that any higher figure would be unsustainable in terms of Langham’s infrastructure and facilities. The growth figure of 125 produced by the Borough Council represents a growth of one third in the housing stock, would not be “proportionate growth” and would alter the character of Langham as a rural village. A Borough Council consultation takes place 4.00 to 8.00 pm on Tuesday 12 July at Langham Community Centre and a Parish Council drop in session on Saturday 16 July 11.00 am to 1.00 pm to seek residents’ views. We would urge as many as possible to attend these public meetings.



Please come along to these consultations, and make your views known!



Excerpt from the report


SS11 - Langham


6.167 Langham includes two settlements, Langham Moor and St. Margaret’s Cross, linked by School Road. A former WWII airfield lies between the two areas. The village contains a mixture of historic properties and farmhouses with more recent development.


6.168 Langham has a number of facilities including a community centre and shop, and a primary school with capacity. Langham has limited access to public transport and there are capacity and access issues regarding secondary education and healthcare. Dedham Vale AONB adjoins the village to the east, although it is separated by the A12. Langham’s location and the range of services it supports 145 mean that both areas of Langham are considered suitable for limited proportional growth.


6.169 Following the Call for Sites Langham Parish Council collated the views of residents to produce a document, which summarises the views of residents and makes recommendations about development over the plan period.


6.170 Residents believe that there should be a clear distinction between urban and rural Colchester and the A12 should continue to be the barrier. The overwhelming view was that major growth would destroy Langham. The document produced by Langham Parish Council suggests a figure of 85 dwellings over the plan period would be appropriate and they recommend the allocation of sites in Wick Road and School Road for small scale growth. The Borough Council agrees that large scale development would not be appropriate in the village but that the settlement can accommodate limited growth and three housing sites are allocated; Land at Wick Road, and two sites in School Road, Langham.


6.171 The Council agrees that up to 10 dwellings will be appropriate on Land at Wick Road in keeping with the existing detached housing adjoining and opposite. Land at Wick Road abuts the former airfield and development will need to have regard to both its landscape character and connectivity to existing footpaths.


6.172 Land at School Road represents a logical extension to the village as it lies between existing housing and employment sites and is well located for the school and community centre/shop. Two sites are allocated there. The first is allocated for up to 55 dwellings. Whilst the Parish Council favour frontage development there is potential on this site for an estate or green approach to layout given that it is at the heart of the village. The Borough Council also considers that an additional nearby site on School Road is suitable for development for up to 60 dwellings, with its inclusion joining up the two existing areas of Langham Moor and St. Margaret’s Cross. This site lies within the much larger Garden Village submission made by landowners, and while this proposal was discounted due to its lack of fit with the Spatial Strategy and Sustainability Appraisal, the School Road frontage is considered suitable for smaller scale development given its position within the village and access to its facilities. Both sites abut the former airfield, and development would need to have regard to both its landscape character and connectivity to existing footpaths.





Policy SS 11 Langham Within each of the areas shown on the policies map SS11 development will be supported which provides:  Safe pedestrian access from the sites to existing footways to enhance connectivity;  Appropriate design and suitable screening/landscaping to minimise any negative impact on the surrounding landscape;  Adequate wastewater treatment and sewage infrastructure capacity in the catchment area;  Appropriate SuDS for managing surface water runoff within the overall design and layout of the site.



Contributions to the cost of infrastructure improvements and/or community facilities as required supported by up to date evidence in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) or as informed by the Parish Council or subsequent evidence which will be secured to an appropriate level by way of legal agreement or through CIL. Development of land at Wick Road will be supported which also provides:  Up to 10 new dwellings of a mix and type of housing to be compatible with surrounding development. Development of two sites in School Road will be supported which also provide for:  Up to 115 new dwellings of a mix and type of housing for which there is a demonstrated need, including smaller family homes and sheltered housing;  One site to the east of the Powerplus site to accommodate up to 55 dwellings.  One site to the west of the Powerplus site to accommodate up to 60 dwellings  The potential archaeological significance of the site should be further explored, by way of pre-determination evaluation (geophysical survey and trial trenching). Any findings from the evaluation will need to be reflected in a detailed mitigation strategy for further investigation to be agreed and submitted with the application to preserve in-situ or adequately recorded by excavation, secured by a planning condition.  The safeguarding of nearby listed buildings including their setting (Rectory Cottage and School Farm), including suitable screening/landscaping. The Powerplus Engineering & Whitnell Contractors site on School Road and Langham Airfield in Langham are designated Local Economic Areas as shown on the polices map SS11. The sites will remain allocated and any future




Power Point 16 July 2016





The following four documents, linked below and in yellow in the Emerging Local Plan Database, detail the Garden Settlement proposals, and their evaluation by AECOM. It holds information on a submission from February 2016 to extend the northern settlement by expanding the original Langham/Boxted Airfield proposals ... to include land up towards Straight Road Boxted.


Until these documents were published, in mid-August 2016, this enlarged proposal was unknown to the Parish Council. The largest projection for housing from the combined site amounts to 10,1000 houses!


The northern proposal has been discounted by the planners, but is now in the public domain. it has, however, received no public scrutiny whatsoever.         Garden Communities Charter         Graphic-based exposition of the 3 main garden settlement proposals (p.61 on)         Detailed sustainability look at the 3 possible garden settlements (85 on)         Environmental report  p.22 on and p.26 on for Langham





Results of the Questionnaire March 5 2016


The Parish  council is holding a drop-in session on Saturday the 5th March at the Community Centre

  between 11.00 and 13.0 to discuss the Housing Questionnaire Report:



The findings of the Parish Housing Questionnaire click for pdf document



Powerpoint - Answers to Questions




An open meeting, in the form of a drop-in session, has been arranged for


Saturday 21st November 2015 from 11.00am to 1



in the Community Centre


to discuss the initial findings of the Planning and Housing Questionnaire


We are pleased to announce that a representative of CBC Planning Policy will be in attendance for some of this time (11-1pm).


Light refreshments will be served!





Langham Parish Council response questionnaire to the Colchester Borough Council draft Local Plan (2016-2032)


click on the above link for the pdf file of the questionnaire.



The Parish Council needs to know of parishioners views about the proposals for 4,000 homes being built in the village, about where the village envelope might be extended, and on their current housing needs.


It is vitally important that we have a good return of the questionnaire, to give validity to our views and the results will be presented to Colchester Borough Council, with analysis, to support the views of the village.



Submission of 'Garden Village' sites by Edward Gittins and Associates for the development of Langham. 


Readers of the Essex County Standard will have seen in its 13 March issue a prominent report on a submission for sites as part of the new Colchester Local Plan. The has been lodged as part of the Issues and Options consultation phase of the construction of the Borough Council’s draft Local Plan, described in the March issue of the Newsletter.

This submission has taken the form of a plan to create, on behalf of unnamed “principal landowners”, the development of a 4,000-home “garden village” in Langham.  The development would include, in addition to housing, business parks, a new primary school, a “garden village centre” and a country park. It would occupy the area bounded by the A12 Trunk Road to the east, Perry Lane-School Road to the north, Langham Lane to the west and Salary Brook to the south.

Currently, as of March17, there are three articles online. There are no maps, except for outline sketches in the Standard/Gazette paper editions.











Initial Response by Langham Parish Council to the Issues and Options Document  



This has incorporated the results of the Parish Plan Survey, of the Housing Survey, and of comments from the Open Morning




It has been decided to call a public meeting arranged by the Parish Council for Saturday 7 February, 2015 at 10.00am to 12 noon at the Community Centre.


The Future of Langham and Boxted



Colchester Borough Council has started work on its new Local Plan for the Borough, covering the period 2017 - 2032. The Planning Policy team has prepared documents on Issues and Options and will be undertaking consultations at a variety of locations in the Borough.


Issues and Options


The first document indicated, Issues and Options Consultation Paper, 562kb, at this address


contains the overall options that the Colchester Borough Council have been considering, and it is on these proposals they are asking for feedback.


The third proposal group does seem to have elements that will impact on Langham's southern boundary, as well as within the village itself.



Option 3A Development to the East and North


  • A separate sustainable settlement to the east of Colchester town

  • A significant urban extension to the north of Colchester town, crossing the A12

  • In addition to an extension to the north, other urban development in and around the existing urban area

  • Proportional expansion of Rural District Centres – Wivenhoe, Tiptree and West Mersea


Option 3B Development to the East and North


  • A separate sustainable settlement to the east of Colchester town

  • A significant urban extension to the north of Colchester town, crossing the A12

  • In addition to an extension to the north, other urban development in and around the existing urban area

  • Proportional expansion of Rural District Centres – Wivenhoe, Tiptree and West Mersea

  • A proportional element of rural growth across the Borough’s villages






The consultation period closes on 27 February. These documents will directly affect any potential development in the villages over the next fifteen years and residents are encouraged to make themselves familiar with them and to attend one of the consultations.


The map showing the offered development sites can be accessed through this link.


.... but this is really slow to load, so you can have simple local maps at the following address -



The above is taken from the link above the image. The black lines show the settlement envelope and the red lines the land submitted by owners for possible development.



Consultation sessions take place between 17 January and 16 February at various locations.


The Planning Policy team will be running  the Issues and Options Consultation from the 16 January 2015 until 27 February 2015 at the following locations


Colchester Library

Trinity Square, Colchester, CO1 1JB

17 January, 10am-2pm & 27 January, 2pm-6pm



Turner Rise, Colchester, CO4 5TU

24 January, 10am-2pm


Great Horkesley New Village Hall

Tile House Lane, Great Horkesley, CO6 4EA

31 January, 10am-2pm


Tiptree Community Centre

1a Caxton Close, Tiptree, CO5 0HA

7 February, 10am-2pm


The Mersea Centre

38a High Street, West Mersea, CO5 8QA

11 February 4pm-8pm


Wivenhoe Scout and Guide Hall

Off High Street, Wivenhoe, CO7 9AB

14 February, 10am-2pm


Hythe Community Centre (in conjunction with Hythe Forward)

1 Ventura Drive, Colchester, CO1 2FG

16 February, 12pm-8pm


Marks Tey Parish Hall

Old London Road, Marks Tey, CO6 1EJ

21 February, 10am-2pm





        Village Design Statement completed in 2008 as a pdf. document.