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Langham, together with other outlying villages was brought into the Borough of Colchester when Local Government re-organisation took place in 1974, and Langham was paired with Boxted as a ward. Later it was paired with Dedham.


There has been a further reorganisation, resulting in fewer CBC Councillors  ... so the elections of May 2016 saw Langham as part of a 3-strong ward called Rural North.


Christopher Arnold   Manor Close, Great Horkesley Tel. 01206 271128

Nigel Chapman   Straight Road, Boxted Tel. 01206 272908

Peter Chillingworth   Oak Farm, Wakes Colne Tel. 01206 240230


The population of Langham is just over 1,000, with an electorate of just over 800 and elections for the Parish Council are held every four years.



Meetings are held in the Community Centre, all on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm in the Club Room and are held monthly, with the exception of August and December. Members of the Council also sit on sub committees with responsibilities for the different areas of village life.






12 September 2019


Response of Langham Parish Council to application 191830, land south of School Road.



There will be a public meeting, ahead of the regular Parish Council Meeting, at 6.00pm on Wednesday 4 September, to discuss the Linden Homes proposals for land south of School Road.




An extension to planning application 191830, for the development of an estate on land south of School Road, has been obtained from CBC.


The deadline for receiving all comments is now 13 September 2019.



Next Parish Council Meeting   Wednesday 4th September 2019  Club Room 7.30pm




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Clerk to the Council

Carol Harbach





Peter Dawson Chairman


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Tony Ellis


Planning Chairman

Finance Chairman




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Martin Bottwood Vice Chairman


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Andrew Stacey


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Annette Thorpe


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Mike Rich


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Colchester Borough Councillors


Christopher Arnold 

Nigel Chapman  

Peter Chillingworth



County Councillor (Constable Division)


Anne Brown    




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01206 272908 

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07887 366735 



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