Langham Millennium Projects


















History pre 20th century





Social History of the 20th century





The Oaks




















































































1.    Finger posts were erected at Pond Corner and at Blacksmith's Corner to give directions to places of interest in the village.




2.    A clock was installed on the Community Centre.





3.    A Commemorative floor tablet was laid in the church. This was funded jointly by the Church and the Millennium






4.    A time capsule was buried in the grounds of the Primary School by our Borough Councillor, Christopher Garnett, who was  also Mayor of Colchester. Unfortunately this capsule was dug up and destroyed during building work at the School and a replacement capsule was built into the bricks of the War Memorial in 2007.



The burial of the original capsule

The new capsule securely enclosed!



5.    The Committee wanted to make a village pond to replace one of the many ponds that used to be in the village. However Health and Safety issues and problems with the location meant that the project had to abandoned. Instead the

 Committee worked with the W.I. to plan and build the W.I. Millennium Garden on the Recreation Ground. The W.I. and its

 helpers constructed the garden over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend in 2001.




The start of the weekend


The end of the weekend




The garden won the Anglia in Bloom award in 2002.



6.    This website was set up.

7.    A footpath map of the village was produced and is on sale in the Community Shop.