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Langham has been home to numerous mills including a water corn mill, a smock windmill and a post windmill. The watermill was built in 1638 although there was a grist mill on the site from at least 1424. The mill closed between 1916 and 1924. It was demolished in 1925.



Langham Water Mill 1638 - 1925


The post mill was originally on the west side of what is now 'Furze Lodge'. In 1800 the owner moved the mill, whole, 3/4 mile closer to the main highway.

The smock mill was built in 1819 and demolished around 1908. Towards the end of its life it was powered by an oil engine rather that the wind. 




There have been numerous stores in Langham including Oscar Lilley's shop in Perry Lane which closed in 1946, Bigg's shop in Moor Road which ceased trading in the 1980s after more than 50 years, and Pickering's shop which was a pork butchers as well as a grocery store. Pickering's closed in 1940. As well as Pickering's butchers there was Thorpe's butchers on Moor Road which closed down in 1995. Now the closest butcher is Coleman's, in Langham Road, Boxted. There is now only one shop, the Community Shop on School Road, which also houses the Post Office.



Bigg's Stores, Moor Road




Pickering's butchers and grocery store


Post Offices


Before the introduction of the postage stamp in 1840 letters were taken to a General Letter Office and delivered to receiving houses to be picked up and paid for on receipt. Postage was expensive and the price determined by distance travelled.


The first Receiving Officer in Langham was housed in a sub Post Office in School Road. At the turn of the century the service was moved to Moor Road where the premises were soon destroyed by fire (1907). A brick building was built in its place, in 1907. After a number of changes in the location of the Post Office returned to the 1907 building until its closure in 2003.




Old Post Office of Moor Road.
Destroyed by fire in 1907


Public Houses


There were numerous public houses reported as trading in Langham, only one of which operates today. The Fox Inn, Moor Road was a beer house until it closed in the 1950s. The owner also worked as a tailor from the property.



Fox public house


The Whalebone, Dedham Road and the Greyhound, Greyhound Hill were both thought to be ale houses. The Greyhound, is thought to date from 1696 and continued until about 1918.


The only remaining Public House is the Shepherd and Dog on the corner of Moor Road and High Street. It was originally built in around 1845 when the entrance was situated around the corner on High Street. The new building was built in 1928.


The old Shepherd & Dog Public House,
Blacksmith's Corner,

The Blacksmith's was in what is now Lyme Cottage, and the photograph was taken from outside their front door.





There was certainly a blacksmith's on Blacksmith's Corner (corner of Moor Road and School Road), around 1841, and a forge at Whalebone Corner from the early 19th century. The forge worked as a farriers as well as a blacksmiths.


The Forge



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