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November 2015


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Ian Holland is seen here speaking about the Memorial  to the Langham Dead of WW1, that was revealed at the Coffee Morning on Friday, 30th October. Research for this project was by Simon Gallup, extreme left, and Ian Holland, as part of work of the Heritage committee of the Parish Council.




Above is an except from the panel, showing the life of the first of the names, Albert Goodridge. Click on the image above to get the full .pdf file of the panel.



An open meeting, in the form of a drop-in session, has been arranged for


Saturday 21st November from 11.00am to 2.00pm


in the Community Centre


to discuss the initial findings of the Planning and Housing Questionnaire


We are pleased to announce that a representative of CBC Planning Policy will be in attendance for some of this time (11-1pm).


Light refreshments will be served!








October 2015


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Langham Parish Council response questionnaire to the Colchester Borough Council draft Local Plan (2016-2032)


click on the above link for the pdf file of the questionnaire.



The Parish Council needs to know of parishioners views about the proposals for 4,000 homes being built in the village, about where the village envelope might be extended, and on their current housing needs.

It is vitally important that we have a good return of the questionnaire, to give validity to our views and the results will be presented to Colchester Borough Council, with analysis, to support the views of the village.





There is a new site for the Community Shop and this has, in addition to the news of what they have for sale and the services they offer, a rather fetching video! Check out the new site.









September 2015


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August 2015

Boxted Airfield History Evening

Wednesday 26th August, Boxted Village Hall, 7.30.

Admission donation £4 including refreshments.

Two guests from America to give presentations on the American 8th Air Force and Boxted Airfield

Bill Saling

Commissioned February 1965 in the United States Army as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry.

Decorated combat vet, served in Vietnam from August 1966 to July 1967 as a platoon leader and battalion adjutant.

“In memory of those who did not return”

A tribute to his cousin Thomas W Saling 111 a pilot with the 63rd fighter squadron, 56th Fighter group. Thomas was lost on a mission on 10th November 1944.

Bill has researched what happened to his cousin and has visited the crash site in Germany, talking to the local people who had information on the incident.


Bill Gibson

Military Service: 1962-1970. Highest rank held: Major. Service in Vietnam, Korea.

Delta Air Lines; International Captain. 1970-2000.

Master of Arts in Military History, Norwich University, 2007.


Will tell us about the life of Dave Schilling the charismatic Group Commander at Boxted.

Dave was a top scoring ace with the 56th fighter group.

Bill is authorised by the Schilling family to give this presentation.



July 2015


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March 2015


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Submission of 'Garden Village' sites by Edward Gittins and Associates for the development of Langham. 


Readers of the Essex County Standard will have seen in its 13 March issue a prominent report on a submission for sites as part of the new Colchester Local Plan. The has been lodged as part of the Issues and Options consultation phase of the construction of the Borough Council’s draft Local Plan, described in the March issue of the Newsletter.

This submission has taken the form of a plan to create, on behalf of unnamed “principle landowners”, the development of a 4,000-home “garden village” in Langham.  The development would include, in addition to housing, business parks, a new primary school, a “garden village centre” and a country park. It would occupy the area bounded by the A12 Trunk Road to the east, Perry Lane-School Road to the north, Langham Lane to the west and Salary Brook to the south.

Currently, as of March17, there are three articles online. There are no maps, except for outline sketches in the Standard/Gazette paper editions.











The March 11 Meeting of the Parish Council has been postponed due to holiday commitments, and current and impending hospital operations.









February 2015


Newsletter Feb 2015  Supplement 



The public meeting arranged by the Parish Council for Saturday 7 February, was attended by over 80 people.








The Future of Langham and Boxted


Colchester Borough Council has started work on its new Local Plan for the Borough, covering the period 2017 - 2032. The Planning Policy team has prepared documents on Issues and Options and will be undertaking consultations at a variety of locations in the Borough.


Issues and Options




Initial Response by Langham Parish Council to the Issues and Options Document  



This has incorporated the results of the Parish Plan Survey, of the Housing Survey, and of comments from the Open Morning





The first document indicated, Issues and Options Consultation Paper, 562kb, at this address


contains the overall options that the Colchester Borough Council have been considering, and it is on these proposals they are asking for feedback.


The third proposal group does seem to have elements that will impact on Langham's southern boundary, as well as within the village itself.



Option 3A Development to the East and North


  • A separate sustainable settlement to the east of Colchester town

  • A significant urban extension to the north of Colchester town, crossing the A12

  • In addition to an extension to the north, other urban development in and around the existing urban area

  • Proportional expansion of Rural District Centres – Wivenhoe, Tiptree and West Mersea


Option 3B Development to the East and North


  • A separate sustainable settlement to the east of Colchester town

  • A significant urban extension to the north of Colchester town, crossing the A12

  • In addition to an extension to the north, other urban development in and around the existing urban area

  • Proportional expansion of Rural District Centres – Wivenhoe, Tiptree and West Mersea

  • A proportional element of rural growth across the Borough’s villages





The consultation period closes on 27 February. These documents will directly affect any potential development in the villages over the next fifteen years and residents are encouraged to make themselves familiar with them and to attend one of the consultations.


The map showing the offered development sites can be accessed through this link.


.... but this is really slow to load, so you can have simple local maps at the following address -




The above is taken from the link above the image. The black lines show the settlement envelope and the red lines the land submitted by owners for possible development.



 Consultation sessions take place between 17 January and 16 February at various locations.


The Planning Policy team will be running  the Issues and Options Consultation from the 16 January 2015 until 27 February 2015 at the following locations


Colchester Library

Trinity Square, Colchester, CO1 1JB

17 January, 10am-2pm & 27 January, 2pm-6pm



Turner Rise, Colchester, CO4 5TU

24 January, 10am-2pm


Great Horkesley New Village Hall

Tile House Lane, Great Horkesley, CO6 4EA

31 January, 10am-2pm


Tiptree Community Centre

1a Caxton Close, Tiptree, CO5 0HA

7 February, 10am-2pm


The Mersea Centre

38a High Street, West Mersea, CO5 8QA

11 February 4pm-8pm


Wivenhoe Scout and Guide Hall

Off High Street, Wivenhoe, CO7 9AB

14 February, 10am-2pm


Hythe Community Centre (in conjunction with Hythe Forward)

1 Ventura Drive, Colchester, CO1 2FG

16 February, 12pm-8pm


Marks Tey Parish Hall

Old London Road, Marks Tey, CO6 1EJ

21 February, 10am-2pm



Plain English Guide to the Planning System 




January 2015


Newsletter Dec/Jan 2014-15  Supplement


News update - progress on the Solar Farm



A drone's view of progress on the solar farm ....





.... and from my bicycle!