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December 2010


Langham snow 1 Dec 2010 

Langham snow 2 Dec 2010 



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November 2010


Newsletter Nov 2010  Supplement

Primary School Update November 2010

Langham photographs Autumn 2010




October 2010




Fast Broadband



23rd March 2010 Linemen re-connecting broken wires after thieves attempted to pull the cable in Hundred Lane.


The website is open for us to register our need for higher broadband speeds in the village. We are particularly disadvantaged by the fact that we are served by three exchanges: Dedham, Ardleigh and Horkesley. Some of us are getting broadband, despite being over 5.5 km away from the exchange (so it is slow and can be unreliable), others have only recently been offered broadband and put on.


Both private residents and our booming business community need fast broadband; this poll might help us get it ... and it will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our need for this service.


You need to fill in a short form with your name and e-mail, etc and make sure you get up on the screen confirmation you have voted. On Sunday morning, 10th October, I was 23rd!


 Please vote at











I've just been asked to provide a link to Nayland Horticultural Society, which I am pleased to do.



Travellers' site planning application


Travellers site planning application link


The address for this has been given as 'Electricity Sub Station, Severalls Lane, Colchester' .. which says it all! Please check out the proposals (largely unchanged from the last bungled application) and look at the waves of objection comments.




Oil Theft in Moor Road


After receiving an oil delivery from the village bulk-buy, a property in Moor Road was targeted by oil thieves. Between their delivery and a requested top-up the following day, about 500 litres was stolen.


To steal this amount would need a vehicle and a pump. It is possible, equipped with tanks, a van reversed into the drive and pumped out the oil. The tank was unlocked.


Please be on your guard, and be observant of strange vehicle movements. It is thought that the oil delivery was observed. Perhaps it would be prudent to check the level of your tank at this point!


Our neighbourhood watch co-ordinator is now Ray Medler, his e-mail is






An Inspector Reports


The Planning Inspector, looking at the Colchester Strategic Plan has published his findings:


He largely agrees with the plan and does not agree with any of the planned developments that might affect Langham!





Newsletter October 2010  Supplement


Primary School Update September 2010



September 2010





Future of Council Services Questionnaire



As balancing the budget becomes increasingly difficult, Colchester Borough Council needs to make some tough decisions that will impact on everyone who lives and works in Colchester.


Residents’ views are very important in helping us to shape the future of Council services.


The Council is launching a budget consultation to allow residents to share their priorities with the Council. We want to know which services are most, and least, important to everyone.


Please also tell us what you think. Complete the quick questionnaire online at  or pick up a copy at Infopoint, VIC, the Town Hall or Leisure World. You can also tweet your views and keep track of the budget consultation on Twitter by following us at


The questionnaire will be available to complete until 4 October 2010. We will then collate and consider all responses as part of the first stage of the Council’s budget consultation.


Look at the questionnaire 




Community Centre extension


The work at the Community Council is now visible to all and, as of the 8th September, the verdict is that all is going to plan and that Dec 20 is still the completion date.






Newsletter Sept 2010   Supplement



August 2010


The application to build a site for travellers, off Severalls Lane, ran out of planning time. A new application has been made, on the 19th August


click here for this application.


click here for the original application in 2005




Community Shop

From John Jones: 16 August

The contract and tendering process, handled by Hoggarth Cooke Partnership, went very smoothly and SEH French were appointed, the tender price came in just under HCP estimates even after some additional items had been added. So that was very pleasing, monies have started to arrive from Surestart and some bills have been paid, part of the fees bill before the build starts.

The contractors arrived on site last Monday (9/8/2010), the access road has been laid, (could be quite useful re Bonfire night) and today the Shop was hoisted out of the ground and placed in its temporary new location. This week the shop is operating out of the Community Centre Club Room. The shop contents were relocated to the Club room (especial thanks to "the men from Schofields") over the weekend and will probably trade from there this week and will hopefully move back into the "old" shop at the weekend.







Work on the Community Centre extension began on Monday, August 9th with delivery of a workmen's loo! Fencing to secure passage for lorries to the site, have been erected beside the play area, and have now, on Thursday 11th, has been surfaced with hard core.



The 'Pod' and the small-children's play area are inside the building zone. The Community Shop is to be hoisted up and turned through 90 degrees to allow the builders access to the worksite. Telephone, electricity and water connections have to be re-established and, as a consequence, the Post Office will be out of operation on Monday 16th August.




A photo from the proposed travellers site. See 'current news'.



  Colchester Borough Council's Eco-SOS competition  ... details and entry form








July 2010



 Greyhound Hill to be closed for repair from 26 July for 5 days


 High Street repaired ... and done properly, with the potholes cut out and filled - and the sides sealed with bitumen!




The line of craters picked out by recent rain!



  Newsletter for July-August 2010  Supplement July-August


 Tennis club Newsletter and Renewal Information




June 2010





More Housing and Development Proposals affecting Langham


In the Essex County Standard and the Evening Gazette it has been reported that Edward Gittins and Associates have proposed that more than 30 sites should be included in the development proposals for Colchester. At least six of these sites are in Langham. The Colchester Local Development Framework (LDF), which is a series of documents that determine how Colchester will grow to 2021 and beyond, proposes that the town should take the bulk of growth, with surrounding villages hardly changing. The housing provision for Colchester Borough has been subject to thorough examination at the Core Strategy stage. It has identified a fifteen year supply of housing land with a sufficient degree of flexibility in delivery. Furthermore, there is no identified need in Langham for any increase in dwellings, including affordable housing.  However, Edward Gittins & Associates have put forward a number of proposals, on behalf of their Langham clients, that are seeking to change the village envelope (i.e. building boundaries) in Langham and could introduce as many as 120 new dwellings and new and expanded Local Employment Zones. Whilst it is still unclear how any new Government legislation will affect planning procedures in the future Colchester Borough Council (CBC) are still working on the basis that the Core Strategy and the LDF are locally produced documents/procedures and at this point in time they are still valid.


For sites to be accepted by CBC they need to be included in the LDF submissions document and should be subject to proper public consultation and have sustainability appraisal reports. None of the site proposals in Langham were accepted into the submissions document as they had either missed the cut off date or had been rejected at an earlier stage by CBC. Also, none of the five proposals covered in this note have been subject to proper public consultation. However, the Government Inspector who is examining the submission document for “soundness” decided to review all representations that were put forward that questioned the “soundness” of the submissions document including late and previously rejected submissions/proposals put forward by Edward Gittins & Associates.


Edward Gittins & Associates have now embarked on a process to carry out retrospective public consultation in order to comply with legislative requirements, in case the Government Inspector has a mind to include any additional sites as part of the examination of the submissions document. The public consultation by Edward Gittins & Associates has already begun and will end on the 6th July 2110. The Parish Council consider it would be unwise to ignore this public consultation and would be pleased to co-ordinate a response from residents. It is emphasised that this is privately run consultation and although information on this is available on the CBC website, it is not supported by CBC.


On the reverse of this page is a brief description of the proposal and the Parish Council’s response. Also shown there are a number of reasons why the LPC have responded the way they have and you can use this information in your replies if you wish. On page 2 there is a site map that shows each of the proposals and the reply form. We urge you to complete this form and return it to the Parish Clerk by 2nd July or go onto the Parish website and make your views known.




Please e-mail your completed form to the Parish Clerk -


The form, in Word format can be found here. You can wish to complete the form in Word and attach it with your e-mail to the Parish Clerk.



Please do not confuse this with an earlier flyer which covered proposal 177/035 and referred to 114 new homes in School Road and a new Local Employment Zone west of the A12. This was yet another proposal put forward and over 150 objections were sent to the Government Inspector as a result of your support to keep Langham as a rural village.

Map of the proposals under consultation


1.       Representation 130/112 – On behalf of Williamsons Developments. This submission requests significant changes to the village envelope to allow about 100 new dwellings, including 30 affordable units, on three parcels of land in School Road and Wick Road. No detailed site layouts or access information has been provided.





The Parish Council Opposes this submission. Reasons why :

·         No identified need to change the village envelope. Settlement boundary review done by CBC in June 2009.

·         There is no requirement for a housing development of this scale

·         The development is not sustainable

·         Harmful impact on character and appearance of the area

·         Would involve the loss of a significant area of Grade 2 agricultural land.


2.       Representation 166/019 – On Behalf of Mr. L. Whitnell. This submission requests the inclusion of the land at School Farm Buildings, School Road within St Margaret’s Cross settlement boundary. This would enable two dwellings to be included in the village envelope also releasing one additional plot that is currently used for parking. In addition to this the submission requests an amendment to the settlement boundary to include the frontage between Wick Road and westwards along School Road to the School Farm Buildings commercial site. This section of land is also shown as parcel A on representation 030/112





The Parish Council Opposes this submission. Reasons why :

·         No identified need to change the village envelope. Settlement boundary review done by CBC in June 2009.

·         It is unclear what development is being proposed for the land in school road that is required to be included in the village envelope. This submission seems to replicate part of 030/112.

·         There is no identified need for new housing or for a reclassification of land on this scale.

·         Any significant development on the frontage in School road would have a harmful impact on character and appearance of the area

·         Would involve the loss of a significant area of Grade 2 agricultural land.


3.       Representation 177/031 - On behalf of Powerplus Engineering & The Whitnell Group. This submission requests a 50% extension to the commercial site in School Road outside the village envelope on the southern and western boundaries for business expansion and additional car parking.





            The Parish Council Opposes this submission. Reasons why :

·         No identified need to change the village envelope. Settlement boundary review done by CBC in June 2009.

·         Expanding the site to this degree will also call into question whether existing access arrangements are sufficient and any proposal of this scope should include this assessment.

·         We believe an expansion of this nature would adversely affect the character of the area and landscape quality.

·         Additionally, this expansion has already been opposed as part of an earlier planning request and we see no reason to change our position on this. 

·         Local businesses in Langham currently operate a reverse commuting model. Employees tend to travel to Langham from Colchester and surrounding areas. There are few, if any, employees that actually live in the village. This extension to the car park would expand the need for car travel and does not meet the sustainability requirements of the Core Strategy which is trying to reduce the need for car travel.

·         Once again this results in the loss of a significant area of Grade 2 agricultural land and a change from ribbon development to backfill which is non compliant with VDS principles.


4.       Representation 029/113 – On behalf of  Mrs Gant. This submission requests a change to the village envelope to enable the development of domestic garden extension in High Street into 2-3 new dwellings.

The Parish Council Opposes this submission. Reasons why :

·         No identified need to change the village envelope. Settlement boundary review done by CBC in June 2009.

·         This request requires a change from ribbon development to backfill, would be out of character with the rest of the village and is non compliant with VDS principles.

·         Garden land that is not within the village envelope is usually farmland that has been given approval for use as a domestic garden. Agreeing changes of this nature would set a precedent for significant changes to the village envelope.

·         No representation document is available only a copy of sustainability appraisal summary and the Site Allocations Representation Form.

·         The treatment of garden land as previously developed is also contrary to current national proposals for planning reform.


5.       Representation 171/025 – On behalf of Mr. Andrew Stevens. This submission seeks an extension to the Local Employment Zone to include the whole of the site.

The Parish Council supports this application. Reasons why:

·         We see some merit in consolidating the space at this site. There are numerous  buildings on this site which should be re-used.

·         Safeguarding the site as a rural employment site protects it from other development that could be less sustainable.




Consultation Map - click on it to enlarge


  Langham photos Winter 2010

  Langham photos Summer 2010

  Primary School Update June 2010








Many of us are only too aware that 'Gridleys' has been demolished. It had its thatch removed before the snows came, and the expectation was that the property would be re-thatched with the onset of better weather. It was with some shock that the planning application came in for the old house to be demolished, and replaced by a modern build, a design with a mix of styles and  substantially larger and taller.


The Parish Council objected to the planning application, both on the grounds of the demolition of 'Gridleys' and the design, scale and position of its replacement.




Sunday 16 May, the tarpaulin and timber was removed from the building and the far chimney stack collapsed.


Tuesday, 18 May planning consent and pre-notification of demolition of the building lodged with CBC


Tuesday 18 May, the Parish Council had a photocall (in front of the roofless property) with Essex County Standard at the site


Wednesday 19 May, the property was totally demolished.


Wednesday 19 May, chance meeting with the developers by a number of parish councillors, who were advised that structural and historical surveys had been undertaken and were passed on by e-mail subsequently.


The historic survey is dated 13 May 2010 and the structural survey May 2010.


Wednesday, 26 May  the Parish Council had a further photocall (in front of the now-demolished property) with Essex County Standard at the site.




The site has now been substantially cleared, and fenced off from the road.


We await the response of the planning department to a. the planning application for a new build and, b. the act of demolition within the 28-day period deemed to be required.


The building's rubble indicated a house in very poor state of repair, and the decision to demolish might well have been the likely outcome. However, the speed of the whole process has certainly distressed a good many. The fact is, sadly, that this building was not listed. There are a further 19 buildings in the parish that need, at least, to be put forward for listing, and the experience at Gridleys might serve some purpose in safeguarding our built heritage locally.


To this end, of safeguarding the built environment, CBC have shown every encouragement, so an approaches will now be made, after formulation of evidence to support the list, to petition English Heritage to extend its listings. Sadly, in the past when such an approach was made, no extension to the list was made, which was frustrating as the original surveys for listing buildings was considered substantially incomplete (having missed out whole areas of countryside).






Consultation Exercise by Edward Gittins




proposed site for up to 114 houses


During the public examination of the Strategic Plan in March/April this year, some of the many submissions by Mr Gittins were criticised by the Inspector for not having gone through a phase of public consultation. This was inevitable as the proposals had not been submitted until the time for public consultation had passed (submitted on the final afternoon allegedly).


In response to these remarks Mr Gittins had launched a new, and hopefully last, wave of public consultation. Responses are sought to the proposals and returned to him. details are on the Colchester Borough website. Although, when looking at this web page, it looks as if this consultation has CBC backing, this is not so. The borough is simply helping Mr Gittins to undertake his consultation.


The Parish Council is confused by this act of assistance and is seeking clarification.


At the moment of writing it appears that objectors might need to repeat their comments and, this time, address them to Mr Gittins. In this case it would be prudent to send a copy to CBC Planning. Meetings later this week, ending 5th June,  established the position that there was a need to respond to the latest consultation attempt by Mr Gittins.



Community Centre


As you may have read at the top of this pages, and on the index page, the Community Centre is under new management, and a new system of making bookings is in place. A deep-clean will take place in the four days after 26 July, and building work is hoped to begin at around the same time. Completion is judged to be around the end of the year. The last good news is that the shop has received a substantial further grant for its build!







  Newsletter for June 2010    Supplement


An organ recital is to take place at Langham Church on 3 July in aid of the EACH Treehouse Appeal and the St Peter's Boxted Community Access Appeal.

The recitalist, Anne Page is a national figure in the organ world.  click here for details





May 2010




Newsletter for May 2010  Supplement


Advert for Boxted Parish Clerk


Tennis Club Newsletter Spring 2010


Primary School Update May 2010




April 2010



Inspector's Hearing Documents and Programme 

Date Published: 22 March 2010


Hearing Programme


Following the Pre-Hearing Meeting the Inspector has published a programme schedule for the examination hearings to begin on Tuesday 23 March 2010. 


Programme Schedule (published 17 March 2010)

Inspector's Hearing Documents

The Inspector has published a list of discussion points to be addressed during each hearing session. 


IHD/001 Matter 1 - Centres and Employment (revised on 17 March 2010 with additional question)

IHD/002 Matter 2 - Housing Allocations

IHD/003 Matter 3 - Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

IHD/004 Matter 4 - East Colchester

IHD/005 Matter 5 - Town Centre and North Station



The programme officer is Andrea Copsey and she can be contacted on 01206 506453 or email, to advise on any queries with regards to the hearing sessions and the examination in public.


For further information please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01206 282473 / 282476 / 282480 / 508639 or alternatively please email


The relevant sessions are being covered by Langham PC, but the important date is 9 April, when a whole bundle of submissions concerning Langham comes up. It is hoped as many Langham residents as possible will be able to attend on that day, hopefully taking just the morning!



Langham Parish April Footpath Walk  The next walk will be on Sunday the 11th April commencing at the Langham Community Centre at 2.00 It would be good to see some new faces on the monthly walks. Everyone is welcome but if you bring a dog please make sure it is kept on a lead. This is requested by land owners and the Wildlife Trusts. Any queries ring 01206 272486.



Langham Primary School has received recently confirmation that they have once again been awarded National Healthy School Status. The members of the school community are to be congratulated on receiving this award which is recorded on the National Database.

Sport The school has also continued to excel in Physical Education and School Sport and the following categories have been highlighted for the reasons of winning the Sports Award for the Colchester Blackwater School Sport Partnership:-
Competition. The school has continued to enter all small school competitions and been very competitive in these events. They have progressed to a large number of finals and also entered a number of open events with a high degree of success. The partnership has highlighted the hard work and dedication by the school staff in preparing the youngsters for the competitions.

School Clubs Football, Tennis, Rugby, Dance, Aerobics and yoga are offered to all the children in the school and the National Activemark Award plus a partnership Gold Award was gained to the school for their achievements in PE and School Sport.

Whole School profile has highlighted the fact that the attitudes of the teachers, parents and children have helped dramatically raise the profile of PE and sport to an outstanding level


  Newsletter for April 2010  April Supplement




March 2010






Telephone lines cut  22-23 March 2009



Between 2-3 pm the telephone lines from the Horkesley exchange went dead. From talking to the workmen on site, it appears that the cable running through Hundred Lane was cut by thieves at that time. They then tried to pull the cable through, usually using a truck, but this time they were out of luck and it wouldn't budge. However a lot of damage was done, and the above photo shows a couple of technicians rejoining the parted strands, a real cat's cradle of wires. The team had been on-site from 3 am, I was told. Service was restored around 7pm. I think the firm did the best they could for us, and thanks to all concerned!


This follows a spate of similar thefts, including two well-reported cases in West Bergholt. This attempt was in broad daylight alongside a public highway. It might well be a good idea if anyone sees an unmarked or suspicious lorry or van with men working on a telephone cabinet,  to take a picture of the vehicle on their mobile, just in case they have no telephone when they get home!




Langham in the press


Proposals for a new industrial area alongside the A12, and 114 new homes in School Road, has entered the wider public domain this week. The issue of late submissions given to Colchester Borough Council, under the guise of criticism of the Site Allocations DPD of the Core Strategy, has been taken up by the

East Anglian Daily Times on Friday 12 March, and the Colchester Gazette on Wednesday 17 March.




This follows a letter from concerned Langham residents to Bernard Jenkin, MP who, in turn has released his grave concerns, and his call for an enquiry into the submissions and comment process, in a press release.





Sewage Works in Langham


This is currently broken and an operation to pump out the intake of raw sewage is underway 24-7. The red tanker belonging to A L Rowe has been a constant traveller along Greyhound Hill, Moor Road and Langham Lane. About 10 trips take place in the daytime 12-hour shift and a few less at night. It is not yet known how long this is liable to go on, but the driver was concerned that people would be curious and perhaps concerned about this constant traffic. He gave me a number of telephone numbers:


R.T.S   0122523542826  Anglian Water contractors    and    O.M.C. 01522341625  Duty Manager of the tanker firm


Footpath Walk


The monthly Footpath Walk took place on Sunday the 14th March from 2.00p.m. until 4.00p.m. (Always the 2nd Sunday of the month from October until May) The route of the walk started at Torrington Street and followed the line of the River Box for the first 2 kilometres. On this stretch of the walk the walkers were lucky to see a local hunt in full flow with Horses, Riders and the hunting pack following a drag smell. The River Box was crossed at Valley Farm and the walkers then climbed the Stour Valley Path to have excellent views over the joining point of the Rivers Brett, Box and Stour. A very memorable walk.


Next village walk on Sunday the 11th April meeting at the Langham Community Centre sharp at 2.00p.m. Any queries contact Ian Sutherland 272486




Grant for Pre-School given in full!


The grant from the Essex Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership have granted Langham community Council £211,250.00 under the Every Child Matters Grant.


See what it will look like by clicking on the planning application below!

Community Centre proposals and plans - Planning Application 100114






  Cuckoo Farm Park and Ride Display

An exhibition as to the development of the Park and Ride scheme at Cuckoo Farm .


It will be in the Central Library Thursday 4th March, Friday 5th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March.

Thereafter in Angel Court Monday & Tuesday 8th and 9th ... and at the West Homes Community Stadium pm on Wednesday10th 2010.






 Primary School Update March 2010


 Newsletter for March 2010    March supplement




February 2010



  Valentine's Day Dance - photos - then scroll down



Valentines Dance February 13th 2010 - made just over £600



 Birchwood Road/A12 flyover situation



 Family History


Chris Graves is our Online Parish Clerk.


He is not employed by the Parish Council but is a member of the Essex Online Parish Clerk volunteer network. He has a copy of the parish registers (1638-1979) and is gathering material on Langham families which can be passed on to any family historian.



New scale of charges for the Community Centre


Newsletter for February 2010 


February Newsletter supplement


This month the Parish Newsletter contains a report from Langham Parish Council, and will contain the meetings of Boxted in future issues. There is a further page of advertising to cover the additional printing costs, and provide an outlet for those businesses that could not be fitted into the Newsletter.



January photos -  Langham Winter 2010




January 2010


Newsletter for December 2009/January 2010




Meeting in the Community Centre on Saturday 23rd January, 10.00 - 11.30.


The objective is to come up with a letter from the Parish Council to the Inspector that sums up the views of the Council and we would hope the Parish.


This meeting was well-attended and there was much detailed discussion by the assembled parishioners.



Langham Snow 2009




Langham Snow-2- 2009




Two new pages, covering the snow on December 18th, and December 19-20th.