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  Archive Current News 2008


December 2008


Primary School


The school broke up on the 19th December for the Christmas Holiday having completed a very eventful end of term.  In December the Friends Of Langham School (FOLS) held a Christmas Fayre and raised over £1000 for school funds.  A Carol Concert with narrative, singing and recorder playing was held for  parents and friends and the younger children performed a Nativity Play on the school's new stage. A group of recorder players  from years 5and 6  visited Langham Ward at the Colchester General Hospital and played carols to the staff and patients. Their playing was greatly appreciated. The term started on Monday the 5th January and already the school clubs are in full flow. A new cross country club has commenced this term. The art theme for years 3 and 4 is founded on a skills based  patterns and the classes will be visiting the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London later in the term.



Langham Women's Institute


At the December Meeting the President  thanked Chris Clarke for organising the Christmas lunch and to Ann Cairns for taking 17 cakes, made by members, to St. Helena Hospice. A letter of thanks had been received . The Resolutions for the National A. G. M were available for members to read . Pam Paris will attend the Parish Plan Meeting on 7th February. This is to discuss the aspirations of the village. The party in January starts at the earlier time of 7.00pm. Please remember to bring along a plate of food. All visitors who attend a monthly meeting will be asked to pay £ 3.  Christmas cards and bags made by members were on sale. In the Community Council report, it was stated that smoke detectors will be installed. Two grants have been accepted. A regular cleaner is required for the Hall .A fire alarm induction class took place this week. Members were told about the Coop Juniors, who are appearing at the Charter Hall on 27th and 28th December. The speaker for the evening was Mrs. Barbara Boswell who gave an excellent demonstration of flower arranging . All the superb displays were kindly given and  put in the raffle  .Sherry and mince pies were  followed by carol singing  which  concluded a most enjoyable evening.



Langham in figures - from the 2001 Census


16/12/08  New photographs uploaded. Words added to the Summer 2008 shots and Winter 2008-2009 page added.



November 2008


The closure and repair of Langham Lane.


Good News! Langham Lane was re-opened a day early, despite the work taking place in the poorer light and bitingly cold conditions of earlier in the week. Pro-Mac have certainly got on with the job and covered most of Langham Lane in just four days!




The start date will be November 24th finish will be 5 days later. There will be a different contractor doing the work. This time it will be Pro-Mac and we all hope they make good progress in the time frame allowed. 


Replies from Messrs Harris and Smith from the public meeting on our roads on 30 September 2008





Bonfire Night in Langham  1st November 2008


The work that goes into organising this event is enormous and very stressful, and when it is affected so much by the weather, leads to a disappointing outcome. However, Langham Parish Council thanks Mr Bob Schofield and all the helpers and visitors that turned out for our bonfire on such a miserable evening. Those that turned out commented on the tremendous firework display, and the fact that they enjoyed themselves working together against adversity!   





Agenda for 28 October Parish Meeting

Minutes of 28 October meeting




Now the Village Design statement document has been published, we can wind up the Association


The next stage is to set up The Langham Parish Plan Association and all this will take place at a meeting next Wednesday 8th October in the Community Centre at 7.30pm


Please spread the word and attend is you possibly can as the next stage is reputed to be more important than the VDS!




Tuesday 30th September  Langham Parish Council    


Langham Parish Council has invited Mr Geoff Harris to a meeting of the council on 30th September. He has accepted the invitation and had agreed to answer resident’s questions. There are a number of pressing issues concerning roads and footways in the Langham area and, according to the level of interest in this meeting, we will organise a larger room to accommodate the public.

If you have a question to ask of Mr Harris it would be useful to have it in writing beforehand. This will enable full answers to be given on the night of the meeting. Please forward your questions to the Parish Clerk at






The Park-and-Ride was discussed: from an e-mail from Councillor Chris Garnett


The Core Strategy enquiry took place in the Tudor Room, George Hotel, Colchester from Tuesday 24th June 2008 to Wednesday 9th July 2008. 


I attended several sessions, mainly those relating to rural matters in general and the regulation 32 Langham Park & Ride in particular.  Several Langham villagers attempted and attended some sessions as well. 


Resolution 32 Langham Park and Ride was specifically but briefly mentioned on Friday 4th July.  Williamson’s agent objected to Colchester Borough Council’s refusal to consider Langham’s Park and Ride, especially as arrangements for the temporary car park had been withdrawn by CBC.  The arguments in favour of Langham Park & Ride were not robustly put and it became evident that the inspector and CBC felt confident that the East and Northern sights would provide the best solution in the short term, although other sites to the west and south of the Borough might be needed in the future. 


The inspector’s comments which are binding upon the Council with no right to appeal, will be available in draft form during October 2008.  No doubt the LDF Panel will meet to consider the Inspector’s comments.  The atmosphere was fairly relaxed and one had a feeling that the Borough’s Core Strategy was robust but required some minor adjustments.  Once again, CBC were grateful for the letters of objection and this was made clear to the Inspector and her Officers. 


 We look forward to the draft comments which will be published during the autumn of this year.  Probably public comment will be asked for at that time. 





We Won It!


Langham has won the 2008 Calor Essex Village of the Year Competition.


The award was made at the RCCE AGM on Wednesday 9th July at  Channels Golf Club, Little Waltham.


The basis of the award was the excellent sense of community embodied in, notably, the sixty or so volunteers at the community shop, and the focus provided for a number of activities at the Community Centre ... as well as impressing the judges with a presentation on the general merits of village life in Langham!


Langham will now go on to represent Essex in the National Finals of this competition.


The village also gained a Certificate of Merit in the Best Kept Village competition.


EADT story

Gazette story





Footpath 25 Diversion


The footpath that used to go through the garden of 'The Fens' has been legally diverted to run along the field edge to its terminus in Old Mill Road. The new entrance to this footpath is about fifty metres to the south and is well marked.







Village Design Statement is now on this website. Click the link. It is also available in high-resolution (31 MB)


The paper copy will be delivered to residents with their September Newsletter.







Fly-in  pictures  5th July 2008


Boxted Airfield Historical Group new page on the museum and its fundraising campaign!






Langham Lane is to be closed for repairs to the road from


Monday 14th ... for 5 days.


Access will be available to residents and businesses in the road. This is all we know at the moment; presumably diversion notices will be put up on the surrounding roads, and there will be congestion in unusual places until people get used to the situation.


The closure will be inconvenient for residents, but I’m sure we are pleased that something is being done to improve the condition of this road.




On the same theme ….



Langham Parish Council has invited Mr Geoff Harris to a meeting of the council on 30th September. He has accepted the invitation and had agreed to answer resident’s questions. There are a number of pressing issues concerning roads and footways in the Langham area and, according to the level of interest in this meeting, we will organise a larger room to accommodate the public.


If you have a question to ask of Mr Harris it would be useful to have it in writing beforehand. This will enable full answers to be given on the night of the meeting. Please forward your questions to the Parish Clerk at





 Outreach Post Office


The Outreach Post Office service at the Community Shop has been operating for three sessions. There have been a number of difficulties, with the computer not working for two sessions (so no cash) and not all the required services available in the other session. People have also expressed concerns about both the security of the new service and the lack of privacy during transactions. Of course, these two considerations would disappear in the security cage is retained ... and we do want to keep the service we have left, of course! 


Opening times for the Post Office are now:


Mondays and Thursdays  9.30 - 11.30


If you have concerns about the service please pass these quickly to the Parish Clerk at These concerns can then be passed on to interested parties, such as Essex CC, the RCCE




Park and Ride


There will be an opportunity to view proceedings in the Town Hall when the proposals for a Langham Park and Ride will be discussed on Thursday July 3rd. Member of the public are welcome to attend, but will not have the right to speak.





Local Election Results


The Dedham and Langham Ward returned Christopher Garnett as Ward Councillor; the turnout was the highest in the borough.


CATNEY, Carolyn

Liberal Democrats


GARNETT, Christopher*

The Conservative Party Candidate

895  (Elected)

MAXWELL, Andrew R.

The Labour Party Candidate


MOOG, Sandra A.

Green Party





All of the Colchester results are on the Borough website click here



The Parish Council


There was no election this year as there were insufficient candidates for a contest. As a result all present councillors, with the exception of Simon Gallup, who declined to stand again, were returned.





Langham CD, 2nd Edition - now out!

This CD is a much-enlarged version of the original, completed only after the unveiling of the Airfield memorial, that generated even more material! A real treasure trove of local history!


Langham, a Pictorial History, is a P.C. based CD which is interactive and multimedia and contains well over 1700 photographs and 60,000 words. The CD is available from the Community Shop, price £5, or by post to any UK address for £6. Any profits from the sale of the CD will go to the Community Shop. Orders for a CD to be posted should be sent direct to S.Gallup, Bakers, School Road, Langham, Colchester. CO4 5PA, together with a cheque, made out to S.Gallup, for £6.






Airfield Memorial unveiled - April 19 2008   a first look at the photographs





For your diary:  Gardens of Langham  Spring Bank Holiday  25 & 26 May  11-5pm each day £4.00



Development Proposals Meeting


Tuesday 18 March Committee Room  Community Centre  7.00 pm


An open meeting called by Claire Hawksbee, and attended by Chris Garnett, to discuss the Williamson Land Development proposals for the village.


Langham Parish Council's Official Response to the Williamson Proposals for a Park and Ride original sites put forward by landowners for development .  document detailing the Williamson proposals.



Planning page opened - Recent planning applications and links for you to check!


Footpath page opened - map and list of Langham's footpaths




Service 247 Bus Timetable




Post Office


It was announced in the Essex County Standard on Friday, February 8, that the Post Office at Langham will close, and be replaced by an outreach service.


The Wivenhoe Postmaster, Alan Buck, will provide outreach services to Langham, Birch and East Mersea.


Langham will receive 5 hours of services a week at the Community Shop, provided in two sessions.


The arguments used to prevent the closure were related to access to alternative sites, and the impact on the only retail outlet in the community. These arguments were endorsed by Post Office chiefs in front of a Select Committee in the House of Commons .. but in our case, and I suspect most others, to no avail.


Post Office page




Village Design Statement.



The Annual General Meeting of the Langham Village Design Statement Association was held on Tuesday 19th February at 7.30pm in the Community Centre.


Report of AGM


A reading of the latest draft of the Village Design Statement was held in the Community Centre  from 10-12am. on Saturday 5 April. There was a good turn out and the half dozen proof copies were in hot demand. The comments were constructive, corrective and welcomed, and the document is now with the printer's  (12th April).





Langham Bonfire Night.


Again we had good weather for the Bonfire Night and there was a very good attendance. It was an excellent evening and about £5000 was made for the village. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to make the evening possible. 




The War Memorial and the American Monument.


The War Memorial, the entrance arch to the Primary School, has been subsiding and tilting to one side and had become dangerous. As it is on land belonging to County they agreed to pay for the rebuilding of the arch. The new arch is exactly the same as the original one but is a little further from the road so that the footpath at that point will be wider than before. A time capsule has been buried in one of the columns giving a snapshot of the community in 2007. As part of the rebuilding the plaques have been renewed and are now easier to read. The American Monument in Park Lane is also being restored and the plinth has been clad, with the lettering and a map incised into the stone. On 11th November the War Memorial was re-dedicated and wreaths were laid on it and on the American Monument. A grant has now been received for the final phase of the renovation of the Monument and this will entail building a wall around the back of the plinth, flagpoles and hard landscaping of the area. 


The final phase of the American Monument will be formally opened and re-dedicated on Saturday 19th April by the US Air Attaché, Colonel Hosken, and Revd. Tim Bull. The ceremony will be at 11.30 and then, from 2pm - 5pm, there will be an exhibition in the Community Centre about Langham during the Second War. Refreshments will be provided by the W.I.







The War Memorial on 11/11/07


The Monument on 11/11/07




Photographs of Langham today


A website run by Andrew Stacey contains a large number of photographs of Langham as well as a large number of other local photographs with a geographical theme.  Click here to visit the site 



The Horkesley Park Heritage and Conservation Centre


The previous applications from the Buntings for this centre have been withdrawn because of concerns from the public. Some of the concerns are about the large number of anticipated visitors and hence the impact on local roads and others are about the large retail aspect of the application. A new application has now been submitted and details can be seen on The comments from the Stour Valley Action Group can be seen on



Proposed gypsy site


This long running saga rumbles on, for the current situation and background click here.