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The Village Emergency Telephone System


The Langham Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS) is now up and running.

If you are with a person who you suspect has had a cardiac arrest, immediately call 999 as normal. An ambulance will be dispatched as soon as possible, however due to the location of Langham, this may take a while.

You will probably be alone with the patient and cannot leave them to go and get the village defibrillator, so we have a group of 10 volunteers who will respond to a telephone call from you. All the volunteers are on the same number and if a volunteer is available you give them your location, they will collect the defibrillator and come to your location, they will then assist in CPR and using the defibrillator until the ambulance or medics arrive.

The number to call these volunteers is :-

01206 700990









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December 2017


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Due to very poor ticket sales we have cancelled tomorrow's Family Film of Beauty and the Beast.





Please note that the Christmas Day Service, at 9.30 am., is at St Mary's Langham,

not Boxted as mistakenly shown in the Newsletter on page 2




November 2017


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Langham Heritage Group - inaugural meeting 


Wednesday 22 November at 7.30 in the Community Centre



On Wednesday 22 November at 7.30 pm there will be a meeting at Langham Community Centre to consider the formation of a “heritage” group in Langham with  the objectives of acquiring and preserving material relating to the history of the village and of encouraging and developing interest in that history.  Anyone who may be interested in such a project is invited but particularly of course those who responded at the Evening of Local History earlier in the year.  For more information, contact Chris Graves (272019) or Ian Hollands (230525) of the Langham Parish Council’s Heritage Committee. 









Langham has an award winning recreation ground.


At the Parish Council meeting in November a representative from the Essex Playing Fields attended with some very good news for the Langham Parish Council and especially the Recreation Ground Committee.

The Recreation Ground Committee is responsible for maintaining the natural habitat as well as the fixed structures in the ground. The inherent costs of this management is met by organising such activities as a caravan weekend, a 10km run, a bonfire night party as well as football matches.

Their overall and most important brief is to look after this very valuable village asset which can be enjoyed by all parishioners and guests, making sure it is well maintained ,kept litter free and safe.

The Langham recreation ground was given 3 awards  this year. These were judged and awarded by Mr Robert Smith, chairman of the Essex Playing Fields.

We received 2 silver awards for “ Playing fields serving a population less than 2,500 (class 2)” and  “ Children’s playgrounds whether on or off playing fields, but judged apart from any playing field on which they are situated (class 3)” and then won the category for “Exceptional work carried out during the year (class 7)”. This was for the additional play area that had been installed.

Mr Robert Smith from the Essex Playing Fields Association presented three certificates to the Council and also presented a cheque for £500 as we were the winners of class 7.

This is a great achievement for the village and hopefully the Recreation Ground will continue to improve and gain more awards in future years.

Credit should go to all the people help with fund raising for this valuable Village asset, ensuring that it may be enjoyed and appreciated by future generations. Also to the responsible users who ensure litter is deposited in the bins provided and ensure the play area are used by the correct age groups and report any defects promptly.




Langham Bonfire Night  Saturday 4th November from 6pm









The bonfire has been put together, with the very helpful aid of Essex University students, and is mostly of clean-wood pallets, as this year contributions from the village have not been  allowed. This measure is to control what is put on the bonfire and to keep its smoke legal!










October 2017


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September 2017


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July- August 2017


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June 2017


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Langham Community Centre

Wednesday 7th June

at 7.30 pm.

Please come along to hear what your Parish Council has been doing this year.

You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, to find out more.

We expect the new Local Plan to have been published, and so expect to hear what they have planned for housing in Langham.

Power Point Presentation from the Annual Meeting



Local Plan


The Local Plan is out!




Local Plan - references to Langham of page 28, a table of housing numbers, and pages 205-7, which details development in Langham.


This document is embedded in papers for the Local Plan Committee's Agenda Document Pack meeting on 12 June 2017. It will be published in a neater format thereafter, I'm sure!


click on Agenda Document Pack


This document was discussed at the meeting, and some points from it are in the Power Point below.


Power Point Presentation from the Annual Meeting


The Local Plan Committee will receive and consider the Local Plan document on 12 June in the Moot Hall.














May 2017


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April 2017


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January 2017


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